Leaked iPhone 6 photos reveal protruding camera and other details



A new set of leaked iPhone 6 photos from luxury iPhone upgraders Feld & Volk reveal that Apple’s next handset may come with recessed volume buttons, a protruding camera lens, and an embeddable Apple logo that might be made of Liquidmetal.

The iPhone 6 is expected to be unveiled next month, but a plethora of leaks flooding out of Shenzhen have already given fanboys an idea what to expect, and these new photos add a few more pieces to the puzzle with details on how Apple will slim the profile of the device and make your shiny Apple logo scratch-resistant.

Take a look at the allegedly leaked parts below:

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Via: MacRumors

  • Bob Level

    Damn that camera is ugly looking. Hope that is not the real deal.

    • Adrayven

      The original 3d models that were leaked showed that ring on the 5.5″, not the 4.7.. Even though that ring fits in the 4.7″, doesn’t mean the one that does go in there is same shape but recessed and this is for the 5.5″..

      It’s been rumored for some time that 5.5″ will have OIS, Sapphire glass, and come in 64 or 128GB storage variants. While the 4.7″ will come with improved version of the digital equivalent that is in the iPhone 5S, have an improved GG screen(See video), and come in 32 and 64GB variants(dropping the 16GB all together) starting at $199 for 32GB.

      Also.. that cable is long, but could be for the 5.5″.. which it WOULD fit in..The image is showing 2 images of the 4.7″ model. You can see someone stitched the 2 images together.

      Of course, this is all pure speculation.. they could come out with a 4″ Mickey Mouse iPhone for all we know in September…

  • I highly doubt Apple’s design would have a protruding camera ring.

    • lowtolerance

      Yeah, it’s not like they’ve ever done it before. Oh, wait. That’s totally what they did with the iPod Touch. Gotta love it when people are confident in their assessment of a company’s design sensibilities when they aren’t even aware of said company’s designs.

      • Wow so totally wrong here. My familiarity since the first iPhone has always been flat cameras and never noticed the iPod Touch. I appreciate your abrasive response.

      • Christopher Columbus

        For someone with a snarky attitude you should know your stuff. The iPod is not apples high class luxury device like their iPhones and iPads. It’s their cheap music player and so they cut corners and used a larger camera since it’s cheaper. The iPhone embodies luxury and they will continue the design language of flat surfaces. Watch and see

        That camera ring is for the 5.5″ and will sink into the hole flush with the aluminum as usual. Some factory worker who probably doesn’t even use an iPhone probably supplements his income by taking snapshots of parts at his Foxconn job and selling the photos to journalists like this. So they just plop the ring in the 4.7″ and claim it’s a protruding camera as clickbait

        This design is surely way off from what we’ll see in September. It will be beautiful as usual and the leaks won’t be anywhere close until a week or so before the reveal. As usual. Come on guys you know the drill.

      • Synthetic

        iPod Touch 5 is the same price with the same hardware than the ipad mini1. Btw iPod Touch is much more than a music player. It is a complete iOS device.

  • AKC322

    “[A]n embeddable Apple logo that might be made of Liquidmetal.”

    Wow! I’ve been waiting years for that!

    Seriously, I couldn’t care less for a bigger, slimmer iPhone. The iPhone 5 is a nearly perfect size and it does everything I need it to do. Looks like I’ll skip another refresh cycle. Where do I turn in my fanboi card?

    • Refresh cycles are lame S generation phones. This sir is a redesign. If we get sapphire screens and 128GB storage, I’ll be more than happy.

      • Kr00

        The 5s is hardly a lame refresh. Touch ID sensor and a redesign of the housing for a start. A new camera image sensor, totally rebuilt from scratch and a 64 bit A7 dual core processor. An M7 motion sensor, dual flash LED colour temperature sensor, do I have to go on? I feel embarrassed for you making comments like yours.

      • There was no redesign of the housing. Updated and improved internal specs in the same iPhone 5 case, as is the same with all S model updates. Personally I could care less about touch ID and the double flash.

      • Kr00

        You mad bro? I called you out so you just dismiss all the innovative additions because you don’t like them, so they don’t exist now? Just face it, your comment was utterly dumb and you got owned. And yes the casing is different to the 5. You didn’t see the gold iPhone, and space grey?

      • Please explain the redesign of the 5S housing to me? Changing the color, is not a redesign, its changing the color. An example of a redesign was going from the glass backed 4, to the metal bodied 5. You keep needlessly insulting me, but it doesn’t sound like you know what you’re talking about.

      • Kr00

        That’s a laugh. I think you are the one who knows nothing, and yet you continue to argue with me. I called you out and you don’t like it. Here’s a tip. Get over it it. You’re looking more stupid by the minute.

      • I know I really shouldn’t be feeding the troll…but I keep waiting for you to explain this housing redesign? I understand if you can’t, (because there was none) and consequently have to resort to pointless insults. Buck up little buddy :)

  • seth walker

    Correct me if I’m wrong but the iPod touch had this also and it was never an issue. It made it look more classy if you ask me. We literally don’t know if these are even a real thing. Everyone chill out and just wait till it comes out. Those ‘white bands’ I’ll be fine with if the inserts are polished or glass. Why would Apple stray from that, and I also thought those where place setters. Didn’t another rumor mention that a while back?

  • digitaldumdum

    NOBODY knows what the next iPhone will look like. One thing is certain, however, it will NOT have a camera ring that looks like that.

    • Henry Park

      Pretty sure Tim Cook knows what it looks like

      • digitaldumdum

        Ha! Indeed!

  • Hope they surprise us with a proper design for the antenna breaks.

  • I’m still confident that the “ring” around the camera will be for a rear round flash and the second one for the real skin tone one they made with the 5S

    The first schematics referred that and a round flash would be something peculiar, unheard of and it’s basically what professional photographers use in fashion shootings. Sure it won’t be a xenon flash, but still I think it’s possible to have that round flash instead.

    • lowtolerance

      Interesting idea that would also be very useful in macro photography.

    • bodonysarec

      I don’t get what you’re trying to say…
      What I understand is that the ring is the actual protruding metal circle and that will hold the saphire lens for the camera, then there’s the small mic hole and then the flash (circular, not pill-shaped, so maybe it could be like in the 5S just circular or a plain old single flash)

  • Hope doesn’t look like in this images, if looks like in image will be a piece of s***. That white line on back is ugly and also the ring of the camera. If they can’t do a better design for their phone, a good ideea will be to let how it is, it look nice right now.

  • Jeff Evertse

    Maybe the ring is to snap on an extra lens like the Olloclip

  • justme

    so, no glow? :(

  • TeeJay1100

    Please tell me that isn’t the final design for the camera!! Design failure and many issues will come because of it.