Microsoft wants to take on Apple with its own Fifth Ave store


Steve Jobs originally wanted the Fifth Avenue Store to be even bigger.
Apple's Glass Cube is about to get a new neighbor
Photo: Apple

The Apple Store on New York’s Fifth Ave has become nearly as iconic as the other shiny glass and aluminum beauties it sells, and now Microsoft is ready to take on Apple in the Big Apple with a Fifth Ave store of its very own.

Microsoft is in negotiations to open its first ever NYC store on Fifth Ave, reports the Daily News, which says the new shop will go up a mere six blocks away from Apple’s famous store.

The new store would be located on 677 Fifth Ave. near 53rd St, giving Microsoft a flashy retail location at the most popular retail corridor in the country. The spot Microsoft is looking to takeover was last occupied by luxury fashion brand Fendi, and includes 8,700 square-feet of retail space over its two floors.

Renting ground floor space on Fifth Avenue can cost as much as $3,500 per square foot, which isn’t too steep when your store makes more profit per square foot than any retail location in the world. But for Microsoft, who barely flirted with the idea of taking on Apple in NYC back in 2012 with a pop-up store in Time Square, they’re going to need a whole new product lineup, or have Ballmer and Gates greeting people at the door to get half as many people as the cube sees on a launch day.



  • The Gnome

    Thats what the world needs, more empty Microsoft stores next to packed full Apple stores.

    • neowolfwitch

      Yep- every mall I go to with both an Apple and Microsoft store- the Apple store is packed, while the Microsoft store is full of nothing but employees trying to look busy.

      • Grunt_at_the_Point

        C’mon guys. Microsoft is late to the game. It has some making up to do.

      • PeterBlood

        And making zero progress except opening more empty stores. Nobody sane wants what Microsoft offers which historically can vanish overnight as Redmond abandons a losing service or device. They have betrayed partners and consumers once too often and it doesn’t help their technology and corporate leadershit is clueless. Not a company to believe in or trust by any stretch.

      • Donald Duvall

        Full of people having “geniuses” deal with problems?

  • DigitalBeach

    Soooooo this is why Microsoft is laying off all those employees!

    • Benjamin Owuye Jagun

      Exactly. This is an Apple site and we’re all United in our hatred of Microsoft.

  • bakajiji

    Shinny glass? What is this? Glass that is easy to climb?

  • Oh dear, it’s Microsoft trying desperately to still be relevant in a world in love with Apple products. What is especially sad is that all that Microsoft seems to be able to do is copy, badly, what Apple does. Even the Microsoft stores look like Apple stores. I can’t wait to see Microsoft’s new and innovative all-glass store on 5th Avenue. I too have seen Microsoft stores rolling with tumbleweeds, while nearby Apple stores are bustling and filled with people. As usual, Microsoft still doesn’t seem to “get it.” Building insanely great products that are easy to use, well thought out, beautiful, durable and intuitive just isn’t something that is within Microsoft’s DNA. In over 25 years I’ve never heard even one person tell me how much they “love their Microsoft (fill in the product or software).” Heck, even Windows users think Mac users are weird because they “love” their Apple products. Windows users have complete certainty that computers, etc. are simply tools and definitely not something you can love.
    True story: I had a Windows-using friend tell me how much she loved her Canon camera (an EOS 5D Mark II) but still had no idea how I could possibly “love” my Mac computer. After all, she knew all about computers.

    • PeterBlood

      Windows users and buyers of MS tech is the preference of these emotionless and passionless Pod People. :)

  • Kenton

    Will it be made up of a bunch of randomly placed colorful boxes?

  • I like competition. Fight!

  • Merckel

    Microsoft retail might give Apple a run if they decide to carry Macs, iPads and iPhones.

    If not, then no.

    • DocHollywood_2

      Perfect response :)

  • Andy Shorrock

    Micro$oft’s 5th Avenue store will be underground in an homage to the Apple store, but instead of a glass cube it’s going to be a 60′ high glass dildo.

    • Andrew

      Just what I need!

  • DocHollywood_2

    And again we see the great innovative company (Apple) being copied by the great imitative company (Microsoft). When was the last time MS had a completely 100% original idea?

  • So much hate for Microsoft. You guys are haters, probably for a product you’ve never used. Hypocrits.

  • Mohamed Danish

    Now Microsoft is following Samsung’s Path…

  • herbaled

    Microsoft, why embarrass yourself yet again?