Free in-flight TV and movies land on Delta’s iPad app



Who needs a tiny screen behind the seat in front of you when everyone has a smartphone or tablet?

Beginning today, Delta is rolling out free in-flight movies and TV shows for flyers through its Fly Delta app. The service is being called Delta Studio, and it follows the trend of other airlines like United delivering free content to flyers’ personal devices.

Passengers in any section of domestic and two-cabin regional aircrafts will be able to access a selection of free content while in the air. The service not only works in the Fly Delta iPad app, but on the web for laptops through in-flight WiFi.

TV channels, movies that recently came out on DVD, and radio stations can all be accessed through Delta Studio. Newer titles can be purchased for an additional fee, but there’s plenty of free quality content available, like House of Cards and The Hunger Games.

The FAA has been loosening its restrictions on the use of personal electronics during flight. The government administration recently made it legal to use tablets, smartphones, and e-readers during takeoff and descent.