Apple TV’s huge update gets delayed until 2015


The next version of Apple TV may allow you to take your viewing with you wherever you go. Photo: Apple
The next version of Apple TV may allow you to take your viewing with you wherever you go. Photo: Apple

We’ve been waiting more than two years to get a decent upgrade for the AppleTV, but a new report suggests that Apple isn’t planning to launch the device this year, thanks to cable companies dragging their heals on deals.

The pending merger of Comcast and Time Warner have also been holding up the release, according to sources at The Information, who says Apple has told its engineers not to expect a launch until 2015.

Contractual issues with cable companies are the last hurdle Apple is facing with the launch, but cable providers are “dragging their heels” on signing a deal.

“Apple engineers who are working on aspects of the device have been told by their bosses not to expect a launch this year and are working off timelines that assume a launch next year, according to a person familiar with the plans. Apple employees have cited cable companies “dragging their heels” and the pending Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger as reasons the device and accompanying TV service haven’t launched.”

The next Apple TV is rumored to have a focus on gaming, and could allow third-party developers access to the device. It has also been reported that Apple and Comcast have been in talks about the streaming service of the new device, while Apple has hired some TV executives to help with negotiations.

Television industry sources have denied claims that cable companies are the cause of the Apple TV delay, and suggest that Apple’s just bit off more than it can chew and will need to get permission from a ton of different rights holders to create the service it wants.

  • whodakat

    Tim Cook: We couldn’t be more excited about our 2015 pipeline.

    • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

      Stop listening about rumors from know-nothing idiots. Apple never said it was going to update AppleTV and Apple has not said it’s delaying it either. There are simply too many useless people with nothing to do making up stories that may or may not have anything to do with Apple’s actual plans. Tim Cook has never announced exactly what was in the product pipeline and if people want to sit around and speculate, that’s their own problem.

      There’s still five months until the end of the year for Tim Cook to release whatever is in the pipeline. He has until the day before January 1, 2015 to open the spigot of his pipeline before he can be called a liar. (I thought Tim Cook was alluding to releasing products from the pipeline in late 2014, although maybe I misunderstood). All I know is Apple will release its products when it gets good and ready and I have nothing to say about it.