OS X Yosemite beta goes public — here’s how to get it



Nearly two months after Apple announced it would release a public beta of OS X Yosemite, participants are finally getting their download notifications, allowing non-developers to access the new Mac operating system for the first time ever.

The initial public beta is the exact same build that’s currently being tested by registered developers, but Apple is giving 1 million people access to OS X Yosemite on a first-to-sign-up basis.


To get the public beta you’ll need to sign up on Apple’s website, if you still haven’t. Participants will receive an email with a Redemption Code that can be used to download OS X Yosemite beta 4 from the Mac App Store.

New beta builds will come out about every two weeks, giving ordinary users the ability to provide feedback on the new Yosemite features in advance of its final release this fall.

Before you dive head first into Dark Mode and the awesome power of Continuity, remember that this is still an early beta and some features, apps, and other services on your Mac may not work properly once its installed. To install the Yosemite beta without ruining your Mac, check out our easy-to-follow installation guide, and your experience will go as smooth as possible.



  • RobertBIrish

    I thought the redemption code was tied to your Apple ID, when I put in the code from Apple it tells me that it has already been redeemed even though I have never gotten past the redeem code page and yes I looked under purchased in the app store =P

    • I’m getting the same error.

    • Adrayven

      Make sure you don’t have 2 Apple ID’s.. I use one on Apple’s Site for iCloud.. and one in App Store for purchases.. It caught me off guard, it never occurred to me that I had to login with same ID in both… Once I used same ID in both, all was good.

    • Macintosh Addict

      The download should start automatically in the background as soon as you redeem the code

  • Nicholas D Hughes

    Its the 25th here in Australian and I registered early and have not received my redemption code yet?

    • Kr00

      Not everyone is going to get to use the public beta. Only the first million who signed up. You can always go here to get it.


      • CelestialTerrestrial

        It would have been better if Apple simply stopped allowing people to sign up once they passed the 1 Million mark. I think by this time, they’ve long surpassed 1 Million sign ups. I signed up shortly after hearing about it and I haven’t received any redemption code so it makes me feel as though they surpassed 1 Million sign ups within hours after it was first promoted. I think Apple should have closed the sign up site when reaching 1 Million OR simply allowing an unlimited number of people to obtain the software under the public beta program.

        My only concern is that I only have one computer and the only way for me to really do this is by using an external boot up HDD/SSD, which I don’t have right now so I can not have to potential cause any issues with my one and only computer. I just get a little concerned about that. I’ve, in the past, have used beta OS’s before and I found that they were simply too buggy and I just didn’t want to disrupt my normal daily routine which is why I stopped doing it years ago.

      • Kr00

        Running Yosemite on a partition since beta 1. It was buggy at the beginning, but beta 4 runs pretty good. Partition your drive, install it and give it a run. It won’t affect your main system.

  • Max Johnson

    I also had the problem with the code being already redeemed. I tried several times. then I closed and opened the app store. It finally showed up in my Purchases tab as OS X Yosemite Beta 1. I hope apple addresses this problem soon. It may just resolve itself.

  • Dov Breuer

    I installed Yosemite. i restarted my Mac but wont go back on, any suggestions?

  • Macintosh Addict

    There’s some major issue with Mail in Yosemite as it doesn’t link to certain servers. Rang AppleCare and they had absolutely no idea how to fix it. Then I spent an hour downgrading to Mavericks via Time Machine. : (