Apple celebrates all the ways people customize their MacBooks in new ad


Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 9.36.41 PM

Apple has released a new TV ad for the MacBook entitled “Stickers.” It features music by Hudson Mohawke and a ton of cool decals and stickers that can spotted at an especially hipster coffee shop near you.

With most of its advertising efforts focused on the iPhone and iPad, Apple hasn’t had a Mac ad in a while. It’s nice to see the change of pace.

You can check out the full ad below:

  • l3it3r

    I definitely love my MacBook Airs

    • Juan Antonio

      How many do you have?

      • l3it3r

        Two (for now)
        2011 13″ w/i5 and 256gb SSD
        2013 13″ w/i7, 8GB RAM, & 512gb SSD

      • Juan Antonio

        Why two?

      • l3it3r

        Have four people in my family, wife uses the 2011, kids use an iMac, I use the 2013 and travel. Getting a new iMac since they argue over the 2011 iMac or my wife’s MBA

  • Wirehedd

    seriously dug that ad. I usually hate ads but nope, not this one. Loved the Space Invaders stop motion set. Way cool.

  • GR

    Love it!

  • Love the use of the old school rainbow Apple logo at the end.

  • Kenton

    I would never put a sticker on my Macbook but I love the commercial.

  • Tronjheim79

    Who wouldn’t love their Macs?

  • make it stick

    Wow great ad!

    We’ll celebrate with a treat for Cult of Mac readers.

    20% off everything as well as free shipping, on all our stickers. 7 days only, just go to and type in “CultofMac” in the coupon field.

  • Victor Milton van Doorn

    Missing the more extreme personalisations of ;)

  • Skanoza

    This is a very cool ad. Underlines the mindshare the brand enjoys, so very well.

  • Paul Lloyd Johnson

    If you insist on spamming, please at least check your spelling first.

  • John J. Questore

    I put the Lost Dharma logo on my MacBook. Along with a green hard shell.

    • Zen Diesel

      Cool Logo,

      I put Portal stickers on my MacBook with a clear shell.

      • John J. Questore

        Love it !

  • chama98

    The answer now is Will Apple start adding the option to have stickers on their store web page?

  • CharityLove

    I’d love a variety of stickers like “colorforms” that I can change out as my mood does.

  • Greg Dillard

    This ad is EPIC and has Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine all over it. That Beats acquisition is going to pay off in more ways than 3.

    • Hayden Evans

      Totally agree. The first people I thought of after seeing this ad for the first time were Dre and Iovine. That acquisition will definitely pay off.