Facebook rolling out Save, its own take on Pocket and Instapaper



Facebook is rolling out a new feature that will allow you save just about anything you come across on the social network for later.

Similar to the way services like Pocket and Instapaper save links on the web, Facebook’s Save will make it easy to bookmark articles, places, and other pages.

Facebook says that only you will be able to see the stuff you’ve saved for later, including links, places, movies, TV, and music. There will, however, be an option to share saved items with friends.


While it seems like Facebook is gunning for the likes of Pocket, Save won’t replace those more full-featured services any time soon. There’s no offline support, and the feature is buried in the “More” section of the mobile app which means most people won’t know where to find it. To save something, you have to select it from the little options arrow at the corner of every post in the News Feed.

On the web, Save will be more prominently displayed on the left sidebar next to other pages and sections. Facebook will occasionally surface links you’ve saved in a marquee at the top of the News Feed, similar to how it shows other data on mobile already.


It’s obvious what Facebook is really going for here: owning more of your time. It wants you on Facebook as long as possible. Unless Facebook’s targeted advertising and personal data collection doesn’t freak you out, we recommend sticking to a service like Pocket for your read-it-later needs.

Save for Facebook will be rolled out on the web and mobile over the next few days.

Source: Facebook

  • mahadragon

    Don’t understand why Facebook is trying so hard to get into news and apps like this. Their bread and butter is social networking. If it isn’t making social networking better, I’m not interested. Zuckerberg, what the hell are you doing letting your Vice President do these stupid ideas? Fire that guy yesterday and put all your efforts on making Facebook better, rather than trying to make Facebook look like CNN, or trying to be like Flipboard or work like Paper.