A look at the redesigned iTunes 12 in OS X Yosemite beta



Apple has included iTunes 12 in the newest OS X Yosemite beta released today. It’s a pretty clean redesign that focuses on de-chromifying a lot of the interface elements and introducing new icons.

The iconic iTunes icon has also been changed from blue to a reddish pink. Here’s more of what iTunes 12 looks like:

Screenshot via @leopirana
Screenshot via @leopirana

As you can see, Apple had added the ability to quickly access your iTunes account in the right of the app’s top bar.

Screenshot via @leopirana
Screenshot via @rxcs

OS X Yosemite will launch for the public in the fall alongside the release of iOS 8, which also entered its fourth beta today.

  • Where is the translucency? iTunes would look great if the album art went through the title bar…

    • Antonio Marcos Machyavelly

      I think, they didn’t make it translucent because iTunes 12 will be available for others OS X versions.

  • Cristian

    ugly design… :(

    • [anonymous]

      iTunes 11 had an overwhelming interface change. iTunes 12 has an overwhelming logo color change.

  • cleesmith

    I can’t believe Apple designed this POS

  • Andrew

    Where are the round edges?… :|

    • Anthony Snyder

      What rounded edges are you missing?

  • thatboy

    I really miss cover flow :(
    iTunes looked and worked so much better 5 years ago!

    • andrewi

      So did everything, including me lol. God bless Snow Leopard.

  • Amanda Roman

    is there a fullscreen mode? Can’t find it anywhere

    • Corey Hu

      its now the green button in the top left corner