Amazon offers unlimited reading with new Kindle subscription


Kindle Unlimited

Today Amazon took the wraps off its Kindle Unlimited subscription, an all-you-can-read plan that was uncovered earlier this week. For $9.99 per month you get access to 600,000 Kindle titles, including “thousands” of audiobooks from Audible.

Everything is available though Amazon’s Kindle apps, including iOS and the Mac.

Startups like Oyster (disclaimer: a CultCast sponsor) have already been offering this ‘Netflix for books’ subscription, but now the biggest ebook seller in the world is doing the same thing. Popular titles like Water for Elephants, Life of Pi, and series like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and The Hunger Games are available through Kindle Unlimited.

Once you sign up, a new “Read for Free” button will be available next to any supported Kindle title. It will add the ebook to your queue. Amazon’s Whispersync allows you to move between reading and listening while keeping your place in the book.

If you’d like a taste, Amazon is offering a free 30-day trial of Kindle Unlimited that also includes a free three-month trial of Audible.

Source: Amazon

  • Kaboom Nik

    Great, author income is going to plummet even further now. Is Amazon trying to prevent the creation of new works? Authors are hit by piracy, low income from publishers, and now this.

  • Andy Shorrock

    One is forced to wonder, where’s the catch?

    • The catch is you’re paying $120/year for what you don’t own.

  • Yet another subscription based cloud service. Yuck.