Cabin’s sleek battery pack also gives your iPhone a MagSafe connector



Lightning ports haven’t even been around for two years now, but I think it might be time for Apple to consider replacing it with the MacBook’s most underrated feature: Magsafe power connectors.

Cabin is a new a Kickstarter projected aimed at bringing the MacBook’s awesome MagSafe power connector to the iPhone 5 and 5s, with a battery case that’s so sleek and unapologetically aluminum, you’d think it came straight from Jony Ive’s prototype design lab.

To give your iPhone MagSafe powers, Cabin provides you will a tiny Lightning-port plug that turns your connector into a MagSafe port, making it oh-so-much easier to slide and snap your iPhone into its beautiful battery pack, or accompanying dock.

Cabin’s case boasts a 2200mAh battery that can extend your iPhone battery life up to 130% and you’ll never have to fuss with connecting Lightning cables again with the svelte Cabin Dock on your desk.

Apple has a history of shutting down third-party MagSafe products, but the project has already scored $19,000 of its $50,000, with 42 days still left.  I’d recommend caution before tossing your money at this Kickstarter, but if the allure of finally getting a MagSafe-style connector on your iPhone is too good to pass, you can pledge $89 for the Cabin battery pack, or just $59 if you only want the Cabin Dock.