Apple's spaceship HQ is making rapid progress towards completion

Aerial photos show rapid progress on Apple’s spaceship HQ


Walls at Apple HQ begin to take shape. Photo:
Walls at Apple HQ begin to take shape. Photo: Ron Cervi

Apple’s new mothership isn’t expected to touchdown in Cupertino until 2016, but construction on the new campus is starting to hit a rapid pace, as new areal photos reveal the exterior walls are nearing completion as well as the construction of underground tunnels.

Bay Area traffic reporter, Ron Cervi has been taking photos of the new HQ from his traffic helicopter over the past few months, but his latest are the most interesting yet as it looks like the perimeter wall for teh foundation is almost complete.

Rather than building a massive asphalt parking lot on the land around the campus, Apple’s new HQ will house a massive underground parking garage below the corporate offices. Cervi’s other photo shows that construction on tunnels leading to the underground parking has also begun.

The new campus will be located close 1 Infinite Loop, which Apple has outgrown for years and subsequently has been forced to lease random buildings around the town. An environmental report released last week by Apple claims the new campus will be the greenest of its kind, consuming 30% less energy than other R&D corporate offices. The iconic spaceship will hold around 14,000 employees when it finally lands in 2016.