Apple wants Obama’s former press secretary to lead its PR


From the White House to the Mothership: Jay Carney might be Apple's next PR boss.

Apple has been looking a lot friendlier ever since its PR boss Katie Cotton left the company last May, and even though no one has been tapped to fill her vacancy yet, Cupertino might be looking to make a huge splash by tapping President Obama’s former press secretary for the post.

Former White House press secretary Jay Carney is supposedly one of the top candidates to replace Cotton, according to a Re/code report that claims Carney has also been a target to fill Uber’s open PR spot.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated that he wants a friendly, more approachable face to head the company’s PR going forward, but Carney’s rep from his time in Washington could mean Apple’s strong-arm PR tactics aren’t likely to die with Cotton, even though the company has been a little more open on communication recently.

Cotton was legendary for her ice-cold handling of Apple’s PR, but Carney learned a few tricks of his own on how to dodge questions and shun journalists from access during his days sculpting the PR message of the commander-in-chief.

Before his time in the political realm, Carney served as the Washington bureau deputy chief for Time magazine from 2003 to 2005, and from September 2005 until December 2008. He won the Gerald R. Ford Prize for Distinguished Reporting on the Presidency in 2003.

Carney stepped down from his role as White House press secretary June 20 after taking over the post for Robert Gibbs in 2011. He also served as Vice President Joe Biden’s director of communications starting in 2008 and was infamous for his ability to dodge questions with simple “I don’t know responses” — which would at least be a small upgrade from the non-responses most journalists get when querying Apple PR.

Update: Carney’s move to Apple has been shot down by Jim Dalrymple, who says Jay Carney is not being considered, and he hasn’t even met with Tim Cook.

  • Grunt_at_the_Point

    Good, hope he gets the job. He’ll fit right in at Apple. He is very dry and says nothing. Perfect for Apple as they don’t give out any information anyway.

  • jch

    Apple needs someone with credibility and the reputation of being straight with answers, Not dodging tough questions and ignoring legit questions.

  • R*****


    Under no circumstances should he be hired.

  • They will upset a LOT of people if they hire this loser. I have no desire to switch away from Apple products, but if they hire this guy, they will have lost every last shred of credibility in my eyes.

  • Mo Ham

    Bad decision. Nobody will believe him.

  • Bruce Schrock

    If this rumor is true this would be the single worst decision apple will have made in history.

    • Guest

      It’s hard to keep track which is the single worst decision Apple has made in history, judging from the hyperbole on tech blog comments.

      • Bruce Schrock

        Lol yes thats true. But hiring a known liar would be a terrible move for a company with the caliber of apple. Sounds more like a samsung move.

      • Guest

        “Known liar”? I mean, really? What is he a “known liar” of? He is capable and being a press secretary in the public sector is quite different than being a PR chief in the private sector. He seems quite capable and will do a good job.

      • Bruce Schrock

        I’ll let you keep thinking that.

  • stickyicky97

    God no! This man is a lying weasel! The last thing Apple needs to do is bring in anyone with political ties. Rat bastards!

  • Guest

    Love seeing people in the comments get their pants in a twist because they’re so partisan and bitter they can’t see anything but their black-and-white political world.

    • jch

      Love people who think they’re above the political realities that mean you can instantly alienate half your market with a move like this.

      • Guest

        Yeah, it won’t “alienate” anybody except for partisan hacks who would hate anything that doesn’t fit their view – and, honestly, nobody really cares about those kind of people.

        Quite optimistic with “half” but, really, it’s more like .001%.

  • troopersam

    Oooh, this is a BAD idea.

  • wtfinwi

    Gimme a break!

  • DigitalBeach

    “Update: Carney’s move to Apple has been shot down by Jim Dalrymple, who says Jay Carney is not being considered, and he hasn’t even met with Tim Cook.” Why not just take this bullshit article down rather amending it to reflect that the entire article is bullshit?

  • mike077

    Glad to hear its been shot down. Love Apple, have a LOT of Apple products, but the liberal political drift has been a bit much lately. I can only go so far down this road. I want good, innovative products, not a political statement. Carney is an obfuscating liar and has no place at a company that purports to value integrity in its products.

  • Barrett Jasper

    Here we go with the political banter. UGH. Shit story used to cause comment horror.

  • Da St

    This jackass’s only skills are lying and smearing. How does Apple need these?