Dr. Dre is getting respect from Compton after Beats deal


(Photo by USA Today)
(Photo by USA Today)

It’s hard to imagine the inventor of gangsta rap having an office in the spotless halls of Apple’s Cupertino headquarters. Dr. Dre managed to rise above the streets of Compton to become the self-proclaimed “first hip-hop billionaire” thanks to Apple’s $3 billion acquisition of Beats.

While Dre is actually valued between $700-$800 million following the Beats sale, he is still an amazing success story. Not only did his hometown of Compton celebrate “Dre Day” for the first time this summer, but his incredible career is inspiring inner-city kids to dream big.

The LA Times spoke with Louis Stewart, an economics teacher at Centennial High School in Compton, about why he teaches his students about Dre every fall. Along with the mayor of Compton, Stewart agreed that Dre has shown the city’s youth that it’s possible to succeed even in bleak circumstances.

Dre was a founding member of the pioneering hip-hop group N.W.A, but Compton Mayor Aja Brown said “the majority of people, especially young people, know Dr. Dre because of Beats by Dre, not necessarily from him being a rap artist.”

Beats has become a name synonymous with cool, especially in the younger demographic. It’s almost more common to see a bright pair of Beats headphones wrapped around someone’s neck than Apple’s white earbuds these days. While Apple hasn’t said what Dre will be doing specifically for the company, it’s assumed that he’ll continue to bring the same business and marketing savviness that made Beats a success.

In Compton, Dre has been offered the keys to the city. This past June 19th was called Dre Day. “That evening, about 30 people converged on an empty blacktop on Long Beach Boulevard for a party in his honor,” according to the La Times. “Dre’s tunes blasted from the speakers, and the smell of chili and barbecue filled the air.”

Dre himself didn’t show, and he hasn’t been returning anyone’s interview requests. That’s probably because he works at Apple now.

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26 responses to “Dr. Dre is getting respect from Compton after Beats deal”

  1. NoNonsense74 says:

    Problem is, his latest behavior on video, just weeks ago, language he used, …. can’t forget that… Respect does not come with where a person works or how much money he has, it comes from ethics and morals.. sorry Dre, but it is what it is…

    • So let me get this straight: Dre cursed on a YouTube video–in celebration of the biggest deal of his life–and you’re judging him and saying he has bad morals? Get a grip. It’s amazing how many tech folks want to disparage him for this deal for no reason whatsoever. It’s shameful.

      • NoNonsense74 says:

        Well described… “Dre cursed “, “Dre was drunk”, “Dre was being stupid”.

        “it’s amazing how many tech folks want to disparage him”

        You want us techies to look at that orgy video, still available on you tube and say, hmm… Dre is a nice guy, just has a bad mouth, like public intoxication and is not what we see as “Modest”. Now, I feel like buying a beats headphone and I can so see Dre as as Apple rapper ???

    • iFunk says:

      Really? This is America. This is one reason your not working at Apple. You don’t know what your talking about. It is so funny how you say “sorry Dre” like he is going to read your comment. He doesn’t care about you or your comments. LMMFAO! Don’t be upset that he has more money than you will ever see. You should change your name to Non-sense. Cheerio!

      • NoNonsense74 says:

        What makes you think I am not at Apple ???

      • iFunk says:

        Apple employees probably aren’t stupid enough to come to this website… post some BS comments and then pretend they work for Apple….. are they?

      • NoNonsense74 says:

        Wrong again funky boy ! Shessss… Dre is a stinker , dre is a stinker , dre is a stinker.. This should be enough to get more stupid posts from you :) go ahead…

      • iFunk says:

        Are you saying “stinker” because you think that is a racist comment due to him being African American? You do know the definition of the word right? Let me help you out – a person or thing that smells very bad. — so your comment itself doesn’t make any sense.. to my point.. I don’t think people that work for or at Apple are that stupid.. thus why I’m calling your bluff. What is your work email if you work at Apple? I know several folks that work there and I’d like to see if they can pay you a visit.

      • NoNonsense74 says:

        Nope. I am and African American idiot ! You a POS . I knew you would try to play the race card. Now what else have you got ??? Pay me a visit. I am not disclosing no matter what you try idiot

      • NoNonsense74 says:

        Yes… They are now… Since dre joined :)

      • NoNonsense74 says:

        Who cares if he got more money? He is still a stinker. I don’t think this was a discussion about money. Otherwise he wins !

      • iFunk says:

        A “stinker” – WOW! What year were you born? I’m guessing 2000 or 2001? The discussion is about someone that came from the bottom and made it.

      • NoNonsense74 says:

        Bad guess ! You are wrong about everything lately aren’t you??

  2. mahadragon says:

    Don’t see Dre working for Apple long term. He doesn’t fit in with the company culture. The employees at Apple are engineers, Dre is a rapper, how do his qualifications remotely fit in? Sure he brings street cred to Apple, but how much street cred does Apple need? A person holding an iPhone doesn’t exactly scream, “I’m from the streets of L.A. mother_! Check out my apps!”

    • NoNonsense74 says:

      I totally agree. I think Apple is very very smart. They get Beats, its assets and will dump the bad fish. He really sets a very bad example for Apple.

      • iFunk says:

        Why don’t you get a job there and make the “dump” happen. Just remember this.. you will NEVER be as successful as Dr. Dre in your life. Just let that sink in buddy.

      • NoNonsense74 says:

        Sure ifunky don’t expect Dre to pay you for the comments either :)

      • iFunk says:

        I don’t expect anything from anyone. I’ve built my own success without anyone’s help. I feel sorry for anyone that is forced to hang around you (e.g. your family) with your closed minded thoughts. Oh well. Glad that isn’t my problem.

      • NoNonsense74 says:

        Oh you built your own success ??? Opening a pawn shop to buy stolen goods is not success. Sorry to burst your bubble. :) I am glad you are open minded… I guess you were brought up with bad mouths and drunks like dre . Glad that’s not my problem.

    • You sound ignorant. Iovine isn’t an engineer either in case you didn’t notice. And Dre has lot more to contribute than just rapping. He hasn’t rapped in nearly a decade.

      • Guest says:

        Glad you’re out here telling the truth… people see Apple as solely engineers, they forget about the other people

  3. NoNonsense74 says:

    Also for all those who “RESPECT” this guy, watch : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=guMFKBXp544

  4. Floyd R says:

    I know people like discredit Dre but he hasnt been a rapper since his last album which was released in 1999. Thats correct 15 years ago. Even back then including the NWA years Dre was a producer/engineer/DJ. He’s one few hip hop heads that doesnt care for the spotlight. Speaking of which why doubt he is a billionaire. Dr Dre doesnt have a rep for lying. Before the deal Forbes had him 2nd on the hip hop wealthy list at $540mil. Im sure that number included equity in Beats. However Dre been making hits for himself and others for a log time. Death Row Records which he founded in the 90s was worth $200mil. He eventually sold his stake. Dont forget Eminem who is signed on Dre’s Aftermath Records.

  5. Mike Smith says:


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