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Steve Jobs And Sir Mick Jagger Meet in Brussels



Guess which one is Steve? Clue: The only one thinner than Sir Mick.

Steve Jobs is hobnobbing with Sir Mick Jagger in Brussels, according to the EC press service.

Jobs met with Sir Mick at an online commerce roundtable to discuss “opportunities and barriers” to online retailing in Europe, the EC says. Other bigwigs included EC competition commissioner Neelie Kroes and the heads of LVMH, Alcatel, eBAy, Fiat and EMI, and others.

The business leaders met on Wednesday.

Jobs may be in Europe to attend Apple Expo in Paris, which just opened, although Apple doesn’t have a booth at the show.

The annual Apple Expo trade show is the biggest Apple-oriented show in Europe. Until 2003, Jobs has delivered a keynote speech there. But as Apple has expanded its chain of stores around the world, it has been pulling out of more and more conferences: Macworld in New York, NAB in Las Vegas and Apple Expo in France.

“Apple is participating in fewer trade shows every year, because often there are better ways for us to reach our customers,” an Apple spokesman told Macworld.


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L-R: Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple, Neelie Kroes and Bernard Arnault, CEO of LVMH

The members of the Online Commerce Roundtable were:

Chair: Ben Verwaayen, CEO Alcatel-Lucent

Bernard Arnault, CEO LVMH

John Donahoe, CEO eBay

John Elkann, CEO Fiat

Roger Faxon, CEO EMI

Sir Mick Jagger

Steve Jobs, CEO Apple

Bernard Miyet, CEO SACEM

Peter Vicary Smith (represented by Thomas Houghton), CEO Which? (the UK consumers’ organisation)

The issues paper for the meeting will be available at:

The report and any further submissions will be available at the same address.

See also SPEECH/08/437

Pictures are available at:


Sir Mick Jagger


Neelie Kroes, on the left, and Sir Mick Jagger

10 responses to “Steve Jobs And Sir Mick Jagger Meet in Brussels”

  1. DCJ001 says:

    Steve is in the center of the photograph, as he should be !

  2. dantronic says:

    Apparently Neelie Kroes is one of those daytime vampires you hear about.

  3. vmarks says:

    I get the feeling that the other attendees are looking at El Jobso with the unspoken sentiment, “Even Sir Mick managed to wear a shirt with a collar!”

  4. Charel says:

    Neelie Kroes is doing a great job. The issue of focus is a serious one, and resolution would greatly benefit consumers and Apple. I, for one, am very pleased by this initiative. The internet is riddled by ridiculous restrictions that prevent one from accessing products and services available in one country but not in others.

  5. Stonzluv says:

    love that Sir Mick Jagger is involved with this project. He is truly a genius!