Apple updates the 16GB iPod touch, slashes iPod touch prices across the line



The iPod touch tends to be a forgotten device compared to the iPhone and iPad, but Apple hasn’t abandoned it. In fact, the 16GB iPod touch just got supercharged, and prices have been slashed on the 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models as well.

The update was first rumored this morning by French Apple site, who erroneously said that a new iPod touch will be released by Apple on July 1st.

The rumor was then corroborated by Macrumors , giving more details on what to expect: namely, a new 16GB iPod touch, coming in six different colors, with a lower retail price of $199.

Previously, the 16GB iPod touch cost $229, and shipped in only silver, and without a rear camera… but that’s changing too. The new low-end iPod touch will come with a rear-facing camera, just like the 32GB and 64GB models.

Now the update is here, and not only have the above reports born out, but it turns out the 32GB and 64GB models have also seen a $50 price drop. The 32GB iPod touch now costs $249, while the 64GB model costs $349.

It’s not a big update, all things considered. Apple hasn’t updated the iPod touch since June of 2013, and even with this update, the iPod touch is still Apple’s least powerful iOS device.

Still, with the portable media player market continuously shrinking, and iPod sales flatlining, I suppose we should be happy for any updates we can get.

  • Adrayven

    John, no, the 64GB model is $299 not $349.. Apple is only bumping the price $50 for upgrading in space..

    Was $399 for 64GB.. $100 price drop (25%).. big drop for high end model.

  • Larry M

    I love my iPod touch. Excellent for playing music on Spotify and music on my Amazon music library.

  • urban.spaceman

    My iPod is my main device. Seriously hoping for an upgrade this Autumn and find the price drop very encouraging!