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Rather than slogging through a lake of reviews to find something you’re just going to put down after 10 minutes, Cult of Mac has waded through the iTunes store to compile a list of the best new books, movies and music to come out this week so you don't have to get it yourself.

This week we've found massive guitar riffs from the world's best metal band, Scarlett Johansson as a alien seductress, and the ultimate exploration novel that will get you in the mood for a summer adventure.


Bad Words

Jason Bateman has been bringing the laughs for decades as an actor and now he's bringing those skills behind the camera as well in his directorial debut, Bad Words. Sticking with the comedic antics that have served him best, Bateman also delivers a solid performance in the lead role as Guy Tribly -- a 40-year-old who decides to cause some trouble by hijacking The Golden Quill national spelling bee.

iTunes $14.99

The Rise and Fall of Great Powers by Tom Rachman

Following up on his critically acclaimed debut, The Imperfectionists, Tom Rachman has come out with another stunning novel that leaps and weaves between decades to reveal the story of a woman - Tooly Zylberberg - who was abducted as a child and now sets out on a trip around the world to unearth her past, after living silently as a hermit bookstore owner in the Welsh countryside.

iTunes - $13.99

How to Dress Well - What is This Heart

Tom Krell has busted out his velvety voice for a third studio album, What is This Heart, that's his most dynamic effort yet under the stage name How to Dress Well. The range of effects and processes Krell warbles his voice through may not be everyone's cup of tea, but his layered and textured lyrics will pump your ear drums with some of the most emotional and swirling poetry of 2014.

iTunes - $9.99


Liam Neeson takes his very particular set of skills to the air in Non-Stop. Trapped on a flight with a psychotic killer intent on killing a passenger every 20 minutes, Neeson goes full-blown Tekken Taken 3 on some terrorist ass in this suspenseful thriller that's not really a sequel Taken 2 - his character is a US Air Marshall this time - but Neeson is certainly in his finest form since Taken turned him into Ireland's best superhero export.

iTunes - $9.99

Mastodon - Once More Around the Sun

The world's most popular metal band is defending its crown in 2014 with their sixth studio album, Once More Around the Sun, that is somehow more raw and more elegant than The Hunter, without getting embarrassingly poppy. The intricate riffs, and primal vocals are still there with Troy Sanders and Brent Hinds tag-teaming on the mic as the band continues its search for the perfect balance between metal and hard rock.

iTunes - $10.99

The Explorers by Martin Dugard

Need a little motivation to get out and explore this summer? Step into the tale of adventurers, Richard Francis Burton and John Hanning Speke, as they set off in 1856 to solve the geographical mystery of the Nile River's source in Martin Dugard's latest historical non-fiction epic, The Explorers.

iTunes - $13.99


Under the Skin

Before you head out to see Scarlett Johansson star in Lucy next month, you should check out her other mind-bending sci-fi flick from earlier this year, Under the Skin. Like pretty much every other ScarJo movie, her body is a weapon, but this time she's playing a strange seductress who combs the highway looking for men to lure into her weird world. Is she an alien, or just a lonely human wandering around for love?

iTunes $14.99

The Book of Unknown Americans by Christina Henriquez

A Fault in Our Stars is like the most popular American love story since The Notebook, but if you want something more original with colorful characters and raw story telling, try The Book of Unknown Americans. It’s the newest novel from Christina Henriquez and tells the love story of a Panamanian boy and Mexican girl: teenagers struggling to fit into the American Dream while living with their immigrant families in a cinderblock apartment building in Delaware.

iTunes - $10.99

Strand of Oaks - HEAL

Timothy Showalter, a.k.a. Strand of Oaks is out with a new album that punches you right on the first track, blasting guitar riffs in overdrive and thundering drums. The Indiana-bred musician moves away from folk on his fourth album, HEAL, in favor of classic rock sensibilities, but his lyrics are just as raw as ever thanks to a brutal divorce fueling Showalter's lyrics as he reassess the damages of his broken life.

iTunes - $9.99

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