Cheaper iMacs, a $15,000 iPhone and the rest of the week’s top Apple news



A cheaper iMac that proves you get what you pay for, fresh beta updates for iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite, and a “rare” iPhone with a $15,000 price tag. You’ll get these stories and more in Cult of Mac’s video rundown of the week’s biggest Apple news.

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  • Chris

    yes they have been innovating!

  • Andrew

    I don’t think they have been innovating like they used to. They may be running out of ideas. There’s only so much you can create, I guess?

    • $43641445

      Keep telling yourself that.

      • Andrew

        Awe, are you on your period? :(

      • $43641445

        Funny, a douche asking me this.

      • Andrew

        Wait a second, who is the douche here? You’re the one who can’t even make a decent reply to someone’s comment. Your profile is also full of negative replies on other comments. Wow.

      • $43641445

        You’re not gonna cry, are you? This started because I replied to you that a lot of people think Apple still innovates. You went negative! And anything I say on any other forum isn’t really relevant to this conversation, is it? You were the douche here and still are!

      • Andrew

        Such a troll.

      • Alecio J Evangelista

        Apple is just another company making their way through a better and bigger profit every year. Innovation? Where? Tell me one thing Apple makes it and that you life depend on it?
        I am not an Apple hater just to clarify, but I think is so dumb all the devotion to a company selling “stuff”… Imagine if by the end of our days we are even going to remember about a company who made us spend lots of money buying their “stuff”

  • Don R.

    Saw-Durr, not Soul-Durr. Saw-durred, Saw-durring.