Crystal Baller: iWatch leaks overclock the rumor mill



This week's Apple rumors were all iWatch, all the time.

No one has seen a single hardware leak of the iWatch but that didn't stopped the rumor mill from going ape-shit crazy for Apple's future wearable device this week. We saw whispers of sweat sensors, problems with the feds, and even celebrity athletes testing Apple's future fitness device.

Once again, we're taking the black cloth off our crystal ball and shining it up to see if we can spot what Tim Cook really has in store for the future of Apple. Come see which rumors are guaranteed to materialize and which are about to vanish like ghosts.

Stare into our crystal ball to see past the rumors and into the future...

Ditching the traditional watch face

The rumor: iWatch will have a "slightly rectangular" 2.5-inch screen.

The verdict: Sounds promising. We've seen rumors that the iWatch will have a round screen or a square screen, but according to Reuters, it'll actually be rectangular and feature wireless charging and a pulse sensor. It'll also be able to handle calls and texts when paired with an iPhone. None of this would really be that surprising, plus Apple's been making interfaces for its other 2.5-inch wearable device for years.

Photo: Ga-rule

His and hers iWatches

The rumor: Apple plans to release multiple sizes of the iWatch.

The verdict: Too early to tell. One size doesn't fit all when it comes to smart watches, so the The Wall Street Journal says Apple will release multiple screen sizes of the device and load it with 10 sensors. Other wearables like Nike's FuelBand and the Jawbone UP both come in multiple sizes so they fit as snuggly as possible for everyone, but they don't have to worry about fragmenting the app experience with different screen sizes. Will Jony Ive be able to deliver multiple iWatch sizes without making app development a nightmare?

Photo: Dámaso Benítez

iPhone 6 will be a portable weather station

The rumor: Apple plans to add a barometer to the  iPhone 6.

The verdict: Maybe. Code in iOS 8 and Xcode 6 that references a new sensor for determining altitude was dug up by 9to5Mac. Apps can already calculate altitude using GPS and motion chips, but a dedicated sensor would improve accuracy and provide new information for fitness tracking. It would also make a riveting addition to Apple's lonely Compass app. Who knows, we might even see it in the iWatch if The Wall Street Journal's 10-sensor rumor is true.

No love from the FDA

The rumor: The Food and Drug Administration is holding up the launch of the iWatch.

The verdict: Hold until October. Apple is still waiting for government certification before entering mass-production, says Chinese site Laoyaoba. With July being the targeted month to start churning out iWatches, Apple still has time to wait for FDA approval if it's going to announce the wearable in October, and the wait might be worth it.

The iWatch's features are expected to be years ahead of other smartwatches; getting certification as a medical device would make it more appealing than just another gimmicky fitness band. It might even have a sensor that can taste and analyze your sweat if Laoyaoba's sketchy rumor turns out to be true.

iPad Air 2 is getting a redesign already?

The rumor: The iPad Air 2 will have recessed volume buttons and a new speaker grill.

The verdict: Probably not. NowhereElse loves publishing pictures of dummy Apple units more than Kanye West loves talking about himself, but their latest iPad Air 2 dummy, based on "leaked schematics," looks a bit off. The recessed volume buttons could be an idea Apple was experimenting with in production, but the allegedly new large speaker grill holes look better suited for grating cheese than channeling tunes to the masses.

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  1. qjL6Kry05 says:

    “…but that didn’t stopped…”

    What would did made you use proper grammar?

    “…ape-shit crazy…”

    Scratch that. I’m asking too much of you.

  2. Brandon Franklin says:

    Who says the watch will run 3rd party apps? Maybe devs will only be able to access its core features with their own apps. But off topic Buster can u preview how the duck duck go experience is please? I’ll be honest I tried switching my default to bing and yahoo only to relunctintly switch back to google, but duck duck has a cool name and I hope a great search engine cuz googles (my)data for dollars buisness model scares the crap out of me and I would like to separate myself from their teet.

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