Apple gets ready to pull trigger on 2.5-inch iWatch



We’ve been trudging through a toxic hellstew of iWatch rumors for more than 18 months, but if rumors are to be believed, the world is about to finally see the fabled iWatch.

Production on Apple’s first smartwatch is set to begin next month, with Taiwan’s Quanta Computer handling production, says Reuters, who says the iWatches display will be a little bigger than expected.

Apple still hasn’t given the smartwatch an official name, but it won’t have a traditional-round clockface, as sources at Reuters report the device features a 2.5-inch screen that’s “slightly rectangular.”

Apple is hoping to ship 50 million units in its first year of sales, but some analysts have been skeptical whether the new product category will take off that fast. Along with a curved display, the report says the watch face will protrude slightly form the band and have a touch interface.

iWatch will also have wireless charging after rumors have claimed issues with battery life have caused setbacks on the project. Other features could include a heart-rate sensor and other fitness sensors. Quanta is expected handle 70 percent of the final assembly, while LG will be the exclusive supplier of the displays.




  • JaydenIrwin

    i think u messed up the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ volume buttons! lol!

  • Ron Hawkins

    they will need too pay Swiss Rail more royalties on the clock face design, won’t they?

  • Sunday Grind

    anything less than the awesome circular wrist band flexable screen concepts we’ve all seen, is just going to look dated. 1980’s style.

    2.5″ screen??? Booooooo hissssss.

  • Torquil Dewar

    I wonder if they’ll allow for customization, or if the screen and wristband will be all one piece?

  • Guest

    “Apple gets ready to pull trigger on 2.5-inch iWatch”

    Uh HUH. Riiiight. Yeah. I’m gonna get in line now!

  • MWinNYC

    I can’t believe Jony Ives would design a watch that ugly! This mock-up is NOT Apple at all. This is hideous! Anything short of the sleek ring design that we’ve seen earlier will be a complete and utter disaster.