Snapchat’s new feature wants to create group stories



Snapchat’s pivot from a sleazy app for naughty pics to an actual messaging platform to rival WhatsApp is happening faster than its scandalous photos can disappear and its newest feature is going to make the party even bigger.

Today Snapchat announced its adding a new “Our Story” feature that will allow users who are at the same location to share snaps with each other, or view an event from afar so you can feel like you were totally there with your friends, 10 seconds at a time.

Getting the new feature doesn’t even require an app update. Snapchatters who are the same location can contribute snaps to the same story in an effort to give the app a more community perspective with lots of points of view.

You won’t actually be able to use the feature quite yet, unless you’re attending the Electric Daisy Carnival this weekend where Snapchat is making Our Story available for the first time. They’re even providing free Wifi at the event for Snapchat and Insomniac users.

iOS users will have to turn on location tracking services to enable the feature, but posting to an Our Story event is as simple as sending a regular snap from your “Send to” page. If you can’t make it EDC you can still check out all the snaps by adding EDCLive to your snapchat friends list, but rather than getting flooded with thousands of snaps from music festival goers, Snapchat says it will curate the EDCLive channel to provide “the best possible experience.”

Source: Snapchat