Hands on: How iOS 8’s Health app will change your fitness game



With the release of iOS 8 just months away, there is plenty for users to look forward to. While fitness fanatics have had to rely on third-party apps, the upcoming version of iOS introduces a dedicated Health app. Today’s video brings an inside look at the new app and how you can anticipate using it later this year.

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  • aaloo

    Fitness aside, the real benefit of this thing is keeping track of bloodwork and other diagnostics. Manually entering data may be cumbersome for some people especially when you are sick, but if this can be integrated into the hospital EMR such that they can push data via cloud to your phone, now that is a game changer.

    In the US especially where hospitals are businesses attracting customers. If Mayo hospital and apple pull off something amazing, other hospitals would want this too. Just like every radio station has an app these days because they know that’s how people listen to their stations because apple didn’t put fm in the iPhone. Remember when people made fun of iPhone because it lacked fm :)