Beats drops Solo encore before Apple takeover



24 hours haven’t even passed since Apple announced it scooped up Dre’s bass-loving headphone company but that’s not stopping the Dr. and Iovine from busting out an encore to their most successful headphones yet.

This morning Beats revealed its replacing its popular Beats Solo headphones with the new Beats Solo² that not only offer better sound, they’re the most Apple-like set of cans we’ll see before Jony Ive gets his team on them.

The Beats Solo² are perhaps the best designed set headphones from the company and embrace Steve Jobs’ philosophy of leaving no visible screws on the face of the product. Beats has also used higher quality materials this go around to imitate leather and brushed aluminum, but the garish colors and $200 price tag are still around.

Aside from the better design and more ergonomic headband, Beats touts the improved acoustics on the Solo² offer a wider range of sound, so you can hear less bass and more hi-hats and snares. The pivoting earcups also help block out background noise so you can slip into the sweet bassy abyss of your hip-hop, blues, or metal – all of which sound good on the new headphones per the wave early reviewers.

Apple didn’t play a role in the development of the Solo²’s but it appears that a redesign is almost surely in the works to bring the Beats more inline with Apple’s design aesthetics, after it was announced yesterday that Ammunition – the design group behind the Beats Studio – is transitioning away from the company.

Starting yesterday, Phil Schiller will oversee development of the headphones end of Beats while Eddie Cue takes care of the music service but you can pre-order this set final set of pure, untouched by Apple, set of Beats headphones starting today.

  • Maxwell S. Overholt

    The reason beats did so well is that they didn’t sound like a 4 year-old when it came to bass, a major part of newer music. (not looking stupid wearing them is a major point, but not the absolute reason behind their success, like I keep hearing here.) I mean, there is a reason they’re called beats. You aren’t exactly their target audience.