The best feed reading app, Reeder 2, is back on the Mac


The best RSS reader yet?
The best RSS reader yet?
Photo: Reeder

If you love Reeder 2 on your iPhone or iPad, great news: the best news reading app out there has come back to the Mac, after almost a year being MIA.

Developed by Silvio Rizzi, Reeder is perhaps the slickest RSS and feed reading app out there. Originally available for the iPhone, iPad and Mac, all three versions were pulled last year when Google shutdown its popular Google Reader app.

Over time, the iPhone and iPad versions came back as a slick, redesigned sequel app called Reeder 2, which supported many of the popular alternatives that sprung up in Google Reader’s wake: Feebin, Feedly, Feed Wrangle, Fever, Readability, and local RSS. But the Mac version remained MIA, although the intrepid could download a public beta to help with testing as of last month.

If you were waiting for something less buggy, the wait’s now over. Reeder 2 is now available for Mac, featuring support for themes, gestures, customizable shortcuts, social media sharing, and more. Compatible with OS X 10.9 or later, Reeder 2 for Mac is available now in the Mac App Store for $9.99.

If you’re a feed fanatic like I am, the release of Reeder 2 for Mac is great news. Reeder was already my go-to source for reading on the web on iPhone and iPad. Now I have true cross-platform synergy.

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  • Nikolaos Nanas

    Yeap Reeder 2 is possibly the slickest “old school” RSS reader out there.

  • Andreas

    The update came too late….. unless they give a free cupon for old users of Reeder, I am sticking to ReadKit

    • I too have gone over to ReadKit, love the Instapaper integration etc. Would be fab if they could integrate e-mail / reddit etc too.

    • Forgery

      Honestly, I had to look closely at the screenshot above because it is so similar to ReadKit.

      • Forgery

        (Screenshot of ReadKit)

    • Mackley

      Yes, too late… I’ve switched to ReadKit app

  • Hex

    imo, feedly is better. I dont get how Reeder is constantly billed as “One of the best” without mentioning any other.

  • BD1

    Feedly is a better experience. I used to use reeder 1.0, tried the 2.0 beta but didn’t see much new. Seems old

  • disqus_uai8dIVPTS

    I prefer Caffeinated