Verizon will finally let you talk and use data at the same time


Remember this guy?
Remember this guy?

Verizon’s upcoming Voice over LTE standard, or VoLTE (terrible acronym), will finally fix the biggest problem so many people have had with Verizon for years.

VoLTE will bring enhanced call audio calling over LTE, which also means that you’ll finally be able to talk and surf the web simultaneously.

“Verizon’s VoLTE will also offer video calling options, including making and receiving video calls directly from contact lists,” said the company. “As part of the VoLTE video calling experience, customers have the ability to change their calls instantly from voice-only to voice and video.”

Apple will likely have the opportunity to ship VoLTE support with iOS 8 and the iPhone 6 this fall. Smartphone makers are required to update their software to support the new standard. The video call switching could be baked into an upcoming version of FaceTime.

AT&T has its own version of VoLTE called HD Voice, which like Verizon, will allow a customer to place a call over LTE instead of 3G.

Source: Verizon