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iMessage bug bites Apple with lawsuit over lost texts on Android



A former iPhone owner is suing Apple in San Jose court over Apple’s Message app not delivering texts to Android phones. The issue has plagued iMessage since its inception, but it is just recently starting to get attention.

Yesterday, the former editor-in-chief of Lifehacker detailed what he called “iMessage purgatory.” Unless you deactivate iMessage before ditching the iPhone, Apple’s servers still thinking you’re using its proprietary messaging platform. It’s a problem that has existed for years.

“I recently switched from an iPhone to Android, and discovered shortly thereafter that my phone number was still associated with iMessage, meaning that any time someone with an iPhone tried texting me, I’d receive nothing, and they’d get a “Delivered” receipt in their Messages app as though everything were working as expected.”

After calling Apple support, the company confirmed that it was aware of the longstanding issue and working on a fix.

A support page on Apple’s website details how to properly deactivate iMessage in iOS before switching phones. The good news is that it’s easy: turn iMessage off under Messages in Settings.

Via: Business Insider