Facebook update makes it easier to avoid oversharing



Facebook is fine-tuning not only how you share stuff, but what content you see after you share.

That’s the goal of an update to its iOS app that is designed to cut down on accidental oversharing by giving users a preview of their posts before they go live. It could be something you don’t want the whole Facebook world seeing, like the embarrassing TV show you’re currently watching.

In a related experiment, some users of the main Facebook app are also seeing additional content suggestions from Facebook after posting.


TechCrunch first spotted the above content suggestions that Facebook shows for some users after posting an update. We asked Facebook to clarify when/if the feature will roll out to its entire user base.

Other updates to the Facebook app include the ability to create posts when you have a weak or even nonexistent internet connection — “they’ll be shared once your connection gets strong enough,” Facebook said. The News Feed should now load faster on older devices, like the iPhone 4s.

Source: App Store