Sync all your smartphones, media players, storage devices and Macs with SyncMate [Sponsored post]


  • Theodore Williams

    I have three smartphone (two are for work), plus a laptop and a desktop. I keep them all in sync with GoodSync’s software- couldn’t be easier to use!

  • tfb2014

    I use GoodSync to back up all of my important files and photos and it works seamlessly between multiple devices.

  • Sgt. Johnson

    with the increase of devices, i use goodsync to keep all my files backed up and n*sync

    • ComputerPhil

      this is the first time I have seen the word/name “n*sync” since the late 90s.

  • ComputerPhil

    I don’t know what I would do without GoodSync, with the addition of GoodSync connect in version 9, I can even sync data over the cloud to my various computers and devices without having to worry about trusting someone else to store my files online.

    • Rei Rei Guado

      I looked into this product and was pretty impressed, I needed a solution that worked with Windows and Mac, was looking into SyncMate but goodsync looks like the better choice.

  • Mark Rogers

    I used GoodSync Connect to remotely synchronize my PCs