Ignore Jay-Z more with new Twitter mute button


Twitter says iOS
Twitter says iOS

If silence is golden then Twitter’s new mute feature is like King Midas, turning every annoying miscreant and troll in your feed into an unseeable nothing.

The new mute feature is rolling out today for people who use Twitter on iPhone, Android, and Twitter.com. Mute let’s you take more control of the content in your feed by completely banning some users from showing up in your timeline.

Got a beef with someone in the Jay-Z and Solange fight? Now you can just go to their profile page, tap the gear icon and choose mute @username.

Once muted you will never see any tweets, faves, replies, or retweets of your tweets from that person, even though they’ll still be able to see your tweets because they won’t know you’ve muted them at all.

Unfortunately, Twitter still hasn’t added the ability to mute keywords  – like you can in Tweetbot and other apps – so you don’t have to keep hearing about MH370, but it does let you undo your muting if you have a change of heart.

Twitter also updated its iPad app today with a number of small features including better search results, timeline previews of Twitter photos and videos, photo filters and a refreshed navigation.

Source: Twitter

  • BarryDwight

    jay z?! try dr. dre and his lousy beats!

  • Jay Z, I suppose you pronounce that Jay Zee? The answer is not to follow anyone who allows space in their head for such nonsense.

    • BarryDwight

      Nonsense like…having a stage name? Tell that to Jerry Lewis, Alice Cooper, Elvis Costello, Bo Diddly, Elton John, Madonna, etc, and on and on…

      edit: Ahh… You mean those who gossip about the ‘nonsense’. Carry on…

      So I suppose you call him Jay Zed?

      • Yes, full marks for creativity though! For instance, of the 363 people I follow, only time.com mentioned him, so perhaps I should cull Time.