Find your gaming zen with …and then it rained



If you’re looking to get away from it all, you might want to check out this game. …and then it rained is an arcade game full of sound, rain, and colors, and it’s the perfect game for a quiet few minutes away from the hectic pace of your life.

With true zen-like minimalism, there are just a few simple mechanics at work here, but it may just be the best game you play all week.

Check out the video below to see how it plays.

Colored rain drops fall from the sky and it’s your job to move the colored buckets along the bottom of the screen to catch them.

When you move a colored bucket from one spot to another, it will move the colored bucket next to it, causing all sorts of trouble. You’ll need to strategize where you move each bucket to as well as when.

You can tap the rain drops to make them fall sooner.

Most of the time, the drops fall down one, two or three at once. Occasionally, there’s a sky full of the colored drops and you’ll need to arrange the buckets just so.

Sometimes you’ll need to catch a certain number of drops; other times you’ll need to survive for 90 seconds or catch a certain number of drops in a row without making a mistake.

…and then it rained is precisely tuned, it seems, to fully engage your attention. Put a set of headphones on for even more immersion, and you’ve got a mini vacation for your mind.

Playing this game took me away from my surroundings, immersing me into a world of calming concentration. If you’ve got a need for that sort of experience, grab yourself $1.99 and download it today.


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