Apple is jealous of Samsung’s selfies



Celebrities like Samsung phones, but they love marketing paychecks even more.

The wave of Samsung-sponsored selfies that started with massive retweets at the Oscars, has become one of the most popular viral campaigns in the history of the Internet as everyone from Ellen to Big Papi have been spotted snapping Samsung-selfies in exchange for a fat paycheck.

And Apple is totally jealous.

After months of finishing second place in the Celeb-Selfie Olympics, Apple is increasing its efforts to get iPhones and iPads in the hands of “high-profile users” on the world’s biggest stages.

Yesterday, the company posted a new role for a Buzz Marketing Manager whose key responsibility will be to create viral product placement spots.

“This new Buzz Marketing role is primarily responsible for constant and compelling exposure of Apple products with high-profile users, especially those in film and television. The position also supports key iTunes and Apple Retail initiatives.”

Apple has had no problem getting its products into movies in the past, but has pretty much shunned social media as marketing campaigns have shifted to add more viral elements. It’s only foray into the area has been an iPhone 5c campaign on Tumblr that failed to impress.

Along with helping famous people take vanity shots, Apple says its looking to work with TV shows for Apple product placements and score more high-profile guest appearances at the Apple Store.

The Buzz Marketing position is a new role at Apple, reporting to the head of worldwide Buzz Marketing, but seems how a-list directors, athletes, designers and actors don’t frequent Cupertino, CA, the post is run out of New York City.

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  • The Gnome

    I personally think Apple loves it more that these celebrities go back to their iPhones once they are back stage and are allowed to use the device they select. Everyone knows Samesung is slimy and pays to get their devices into people’s hands. When you see an iPhone in someones hand, you tend to think its more a choice. You can’t put a $ on that either.

  • Matt

    Yet they use their iPhones to post it on twitter. I think Apple is better off on the high road than to pull a Samsung and begging for attention.

  • whodakat

    What does it say about our society that the most retweeted tweet of all time is a bunch of spoiled celebrities taking a picture of themselves on the night that they’ve all gathered together to celebrate… you guessed it, themselves.

    • sigzero

      I call it “recursive egotism”.

    • thomg875

      LOL I agree. The are just people who have a job, never did understand why others hold them in such high esteem. I would be interested to have had a chance to have a ‘stupid selfie’ with the likes of Mother Teresa but truthfully wouldn’t walk across the road necessarily for one with any of those in the selfie shown here. :-)

  • Windlasher

    Thats what happens when you give phone to anyone and everyone of any social significance. If they gave me one, I’d use it to take selfies with my iPhone.

  • Aannddyy

    If Samsung pays me, I’ll use one of their giant phones to take a picture of my beautiful self, then use the money to go buy a new Apple gizmo.

    • Nick V

      So are you going to buy one of Apple’s new “Giant Phones”, or will you stick to the iPhone 4 for the rest of your life? I thought so…

      • Aannddyy

        It’s fun yet disturbing to watch the insane have conversations with themselves.

  • PTVMan

    Only one thing sadder than Samsung’s do-anything marketing: Cult of Macs ridiculous, fabricated headlines. All hyperbole and nothing in the story to actually substantiate the use of the word “jealous.”

  • Anyone who actually believes all this fake product placement by celebs using their “Samsung” devices ought to get an Android phone. What I find hilarious about this is that Samsung has to PAY celebrities to use their products! Nyuk! Why on earth would Apple be jealous about this desperate “pay to use our stuff” type of advertising. Android fans say that iPhone users are hipster posers who only buy Apple gear to look cool (pffft!). Yet now Samsung is expecting phone buyers to buy their Android phones because “all the celebrities use them.”

    Pay no attention to the tricks and noise. Eric Schmidt, head of Google, was on Apple’s Board of Directors all through the development of the iPhone, then promptly lifted all the major ideas for Android that Apple had done all the work on, shortly after leaving Apple’s BoD. His business ethics are abhorrent. Apple has always impressed me as a company because they don’t do this kind of thing. They generally license existing technology in order to use it, or they buy the company that developed it, making it their own.

  • Steve_Sava

    What Apple should do is poll the ten celebs in the selfie and ask what they use daily?
    and the response will favor apple. then samsung can say every 2 celebs in 10 prefer us. LOL ]

  • Nick V

    Love listening to all the jealousy that revolves in the Apple Fanboyism Circus. Samsung has beaten the pants off of Apple in every area except Profits and Tablets. Tablets are next, and you all know it.

  • Kumar

    No Apple is not jealous. Apple seen a feature that people like it and wants to have it in its product. Simple as that. It is similar to Android have notification and Apple want its user also have it. Apple products are for people and it will change as per people needs. There is no wrong in that.