Facetune retouching app turns fuglies into supermodels


Facetune is a great iOS Photo app to have laying around on your iPad or iPhone. It’s a photo-retouching app that will very quickly let you fix up funky faces. Not only does it take care of old foes like red-eye, but it’ll whiten teeth, smooth over the cruelest spray of acne, and even fix up folks whose eyes are too close together.

The app is pretty intuitive, although it insists on interrupting you with instructions the first time you use each tool. Using the app is as simple as selecting a tool, then swiping over the screen to apply it. You can brush on smooth skin, whiten teeth and remove pimples, eyebrow rings or anything else. You could even separate a monobrow into a more civilized set of two.

And do you know someone who always complains about the size of their ass in photos? As if the camera had added those pounds, and not their secret cake habit? There’s a fix for that too – the reshape tool lets you warp the image just by touching and dragging. The results are crazy. You can of course go all house-of-mirrors, but if you keep it subtle you can do a lot of slimming and other tweaking without your deception showing.

Facetune clearly isn’t as powerful as Photoshop on a Mac, but it’s way easier to use. And with the obligatory filters, it can also be used to retro-fy your images before sharing, making it a one-stop-photo-manipulation-shop.

The only downside is that it’s not universal – you need to buy separate versions for the iPhone and the iPad.

Source: App Store
Via: Derrick Story

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