Tim Cook skips annual onstage interview, Apple sends two top execs instead


Cook opposite Mossberg and Swisher at the D11 conference last year
Cook opposite Mossberg and Swisher at the D11 conference last year

Elusive Apple CEO Tim Cook will skip his annual sit-down interview with tech journalists Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg. Instead, Apple is sending two of Cook’s top lieutenants to sit in the hot seat during the Code Conference this May.

Hosted by Swisher and Mossberg, the Code Conference was previously known as the All Things Digital Conference. In the days of All Things D, Swisher and Mossberg interviewed the late Steve Jobs numerous times. Tim Cook gave his first high profile interview there as Apple’s CEO. He has headlined the conference twice.

Given its history, Apple has been expected to involve itself in the Code Conference this year. But the decision to offer up Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi for interviews instead of the CEO is a departure from the norm.

“We have had Tim two years in a row and we often have certain speakers take a year off,” explained Swisher in an email to Cult of Mac. “Apple accepted our invite to them [Cue and Federighi].”

Both execs are extremely influential at Apple, and they both have many years at the company under their belt. Cue currently runs Apple’s “Internet Software and Services,” including the App Store, iTunes Store, Maps, Siri, and iCloud. Federighi is in charge of all software, including iOS and OS X.

It’s rare that you see interviews with Apple’s top people, and this upcoming one at Code is bound to be interesting.

Source: Re/code