SlateGo AirDesk, a portable laptop lapdesk


Remember the Slate Mobile AirDesk, which I described as resembling a “neatly-drilled chopping board”? Did you look at it and think “I like that. I could see myself using one of those, if only it was a little smaller, so I could carry it in my bag.”

If the answer to either of these is yes (or to the second question, mostly), then you will be ecstatic at the news of the SlateGo, a slightly smaller version of the laptop lap-desk.

Like the regular iSlate, the SlateGo is fashioned from bamboo, and has lots of holes in it. It’s like a Dan Brown plot in gadget form.

Slip it out of your bag, then pull out your MacBook and pop it on top. You now have a piece of wood between the MacBook and your knees. That’s the SlateGo Mini. There’s also a SlateGo, which is a little wider and has little cutout to stow your iPhone on one side (the original iSlate has a mousepad and a routed channel for propping up the iPhone).

I’m not sure why anyone would buy these. Using a computer on your lap is pretty much the best way to ruin your shoulders, back and wrists. Plus, my MacBook Air doesn’t really get hot anyway.

What we really need is an ultraportable MacBook desk stand to raise the computer up closer to your eyes, kind of like an InCase Origami for the Mac.

Available for pre-order, from $38.

Source: SlateGo

  • Torquil Dewar

    This isn’t a bad idea. At least it gives you a little elevation if you’re working at a desk like the one shown above and something spills. Plus, we move around a lot from desk to desk in our office, and this would be handy for making those little moves easier – as in, not three trips for your phone, pen, etc.

  • Nick

    38 bux for this garbage? I bet you can do you it yourself for $5

  • These Hoes Ain’t Loyal

    $498 for the desk is way too overpriced. It should be $99-$129 max.