Next chapter of The Wolf Among Us looks even more brutal and scary


the wolf among us

The third episode in acclaimed adventure game The Wolf Among Us has just dropped on Steam, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and iOS, and –if the trailer below is any indication — it’s a doozy. Titled ‘A Crooked Mile,’ the new episode looks to raise the stakes for its main character, the detective in a city full of ex-patriate fairy tale characters.

It looks like Bigby Wolf is really working on the “bad” part of his better known moniker (The Big Bad Wolf) in this video game series based on the Eisner Award-winning Fables graphic novels by Bill Willingham and published by Vertigo Comics.

The trailer (below) is short on details but long on accolades as it shows Bigby tearing through the magical side of New York, dropping the F-bomb and getting very, very angry. Those red eyes aren’t a good sign for anyone.

The poor guy is running herd on a bunch of supernatural beings, most of them with a complicated sense of right and wrong. In this next episode, Bigby Wolf is starting to piece together the details of the horrible murder introduced in Episode One, but he’s beginning to suspect there might be other, more ruthless, forces invested in him not finding the truth.

Yeah, he’s pissed off alright.

As in every other Telltale Game, including the award-winning Walking Dead The Game, you’ll need to make choices quickly and efficiently, which will affect the outcome of the story in the final episode. It’s smart, bloody, exciting fun.

“A Crooked Mile” is available for $4.99 on all platforms, including Mac and iOS, or as part of a multi-story pack that will run you $14.99.