Jimi, The J-Shaped USB Extender For iMacs


It’s hard to come up with a reason you wouldn’t buy the Jimi, a little dongle that plays the hell out of your iMac, then smashes it all over the stage and sets fire to it, all while continuing to kindle sweet electric guitar music from its dying body.

Wait, that’s not the same Jimi? The Bluelounge Jimi is a little j-shaped USB extension that lets you plug your peripherals into your iMac from the front? That sounds pretty cool.

The Jimi works with either of the latest-model slimline iMacs, bending to fit in any USB port on the back (apart from the rightmost port of the 27-inch version) and then carrying its sweet electronic USB-receiving potential round to the front, where you can easily jam in any USB accessory of your choice.

Here’s my messy setup that achieves the same thing.

It’s a regular USB extension cable, stuck to the flat side of my last-gen iMac with a sticky pad, leftover from the zillions of gadgets I review. It works just great, but if I was going to buy something, I’d look at the Jimi first. It’s less messy, and only costs $15.

Source: Bluelounge
Thank: Kaitlin!

  • El Caballero que dice Ni

    Doesn’t look like it would work very well. You need to exert some force to plug in a USB device (and it always takes three attempts). That would push this gadget out of it’s socket in the back. You would need two hands to plug a usb device. One to hold the Jimi in place and the other to actually plug the device in.

  • Matt

    Looks like the Jimi would come out of its USB slot when you exert force on it, plugging something in.

  • mpmchugh

    It hooks into the vents on the bottom, so you can apply as much force as needed it seems.

  • Keep_Calm_And_Deadpool

    Would it work on a mid year 2010?? I ask because of the first picture. The 2010 was thicker.

  • Joseph Pianta

    Powered USB hub Problem solved more USB ports and power to charge or use your devises to boot…

  • dcj001

    It is unfortunate that this accessory is USB 2.0, not USB 3.0.

    I use a $2 one foot USB 3.0 extension cable for my iMac with USB 3.0. It is always plugged into the back of my iMac and, when I need to periodically switch the connection from my rarely used Apple optical drive to another accessory, it is quick and easy to do.