ChemCrafter Is Like Playing In Mr. White’s Chemistry Lab On Your iPad



I didn’t pay much attention in high school chemistry class, which probably put my grades even lower than Jesse Pinkman’s, but if the study of matter and science gets your curiosity boiling, ChemLabs has a chemistry learning app that would please Mr. White himself.

The Chemistry History Foundation created ChemCrafter for iPad as way to recreate the fun of classic chemistry sets, filled with all the test tubes, beakers and explosions you’d find in high school, only the iPad will protect you from singing your eyebrows.

In the app’s virtual experiments, the bubbles, the colors of flames and the patterns of explosions are recreated as accurately as possible so you can learn about Hess’s Law and have fun at the same time. The first three books in the app offer chemistry lessons on water, acid and salt. You can unlock different elements, acids, lab equipment and more advanced experiments as you progress.

Experiments and gameplay are fairly simple, but kids and adults will enjoy learning the various chemical reactions and experimenting on their own, and best of all it’s totally free on the App Store.

Via: Field of Science

  • syed haris

    i wish that these type of educational facilities will be provide in our poor areas.