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Grovemade’s Walnut Back Adds Small Walnut Rectangle To MacBook


Grovemade’s neat iPhone bumper cases offer protection to your phone, and although they’re a bit bulky they’re light and they look great. This new MacBook Back, a self-adhesive walnut panel, offers no useful protection, but it only adds 1.8 or 2.5 ounces to the weight of the whole package.

You know it’s bad when the product page says that the product will “create an instant conversation piece.” If you need to slap a veneer rectangle onto your computer to get the conversation moving then you might consider changing your friends and saving the $39 the MacBook Back will cost you.

As to protection, when was the last time you laid your notebook down on its lid? And if you drop it, it’s the corners you have to worry about.

Also introduced today is the IPAD Grovemade (yes, it’s written like that in the page title) a bamboo back for the iPads Air and Mini. It’s the same thing, really, only in bamboo, and sized for an iPad. Here I see the point of protecting the back of your iPad, but I don’t like the idea of adding 0.9 or 1.4 ounces 39.7 grams to the svelte Air.

Both backs cost $39, and are available now.

Source: Grovemade
Thanks: Rebecca!