‘Total Numbers’ Service Adds Up Numbers So You (Or Your Cat) Don’t Have to


Ever looked at a column of numbers on your Mac’s screen and wished that they would just add themselves together already? I do. Ever since my “special” cat died, I’ve been adding things up manually.

My cat, who was called “Rain Cat,” used to take one look at a page full of numbers, twitch its cute little head a few times, and then tap out the answer with its paw. Admittedly, getting the answer usually took longer than doing it myself on a pocket calculator, and sometimes Rain Cat would fall asleep in the middle of a particularly long answer, but it was pretty convenient most of the time.

Now, Rain Cat can be replaced with Brett Terpstra’s Total Number service.

To use the OS X service, download it, then unzip and double-click to install. Now, when you have a column of numbers somewhere in a text file, you don’t have to head outside with cat treats and try to distract Rain Cat from counting the birds in the trees. Instead, you just elect the numbers, right click and run this service. The result is appended to the list of numbers.

It’s ingenious, useful and it works. And it’s a lot quicker than waiting for Rain Cat to tap his damn paw a thousand times.

Source: Brett Terpstra