Here’s Good Proof That Shows Why Apple Must Release A Bigger iPhone 6


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We’ve heard multiple reports that Apple will release a larger-screen iPhone 6 (possibly in two different sizes), but who really wants a bigger iPhone with a larger screen anyway? Actually, a lot of people: as much as 40% of prospective smartphone buyers are chomping at the bit for a bigger iPhone.

In a survey conducted by ChangeWave, 26% of those planning to buy a smartphone in the next three months said they were “somewhat likely” to buy an iPhone 6 described as having “a larger screen size, gesture control, a faster processor, an updated iOS operating system” and a starting price of $199 (with 2-year contract). 14% said they would be “very likely” to opt for such a device.

Those numbers might not seem huge, but keep in mind, this is based on just a description of a device that no one has even seen yet, and which has had no marketing yet. 40% of consumers who are willing to buy a larger-screen iPhone over real competition, sight unseen, is pretty amazing.

ChangeWave things so too. “This is the highest level of demand for an unannounced Apple model in a ChangeWave survey – stronger than we’ve seen in previous years for the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5 models prior to their announcements,” said Andy Golub of 451 Research. “Speculation over a larger screen iPhone is clearly striking a chord with consumers.”

The biggest reason to believe that Apple will release a larger iPhone this year is that even Apple knows that consumers want one. As revealed in the latest Apple vs. Samsung trial, Apple executives acknowledged internally as early as 2012 that the largest demand in the smartphone market was for larger screened devices: if Apple wants to keep growing the iPhone business, they have to deliver.

Source: Fortune

  • Uh, while I don’t doubt that people want a larger iPhone, it’s a bit of a stretch to take the fact that people would buy an iPhone with “a larger screen size, gesture control, a faster processor, an updated iOS operating system” and conclude from it that people are “chomping at the bit for a bigger iPhone.” I don’t particularly want a larger iPhone, but I would have answered “very likely” simply because I do want the other three items on the list and if the screen size is larger, whatever. This is some egregious cherry picking. The article could just as easily have been about how people are “chomping at the bit for a faster iPhone.” A real study would have just asked people if they want a bigger iPhone.

    • Alex Devane

      Exactly this^ I was about to post something along those lines but now I don’t have to – you’ve done it for me!

  • Troy Barber

    i really dont care what the phone looks like. glass, aluminum or whatever. just make the screen 5″ and get this over with so i can go and buy it aleeady.

  • elder Signin

    Not sure what the iPhone 6 will look like but HUGE is not the way to go. I would love to see the iPhone be able to allow a wifi/bluetooth iPad mini connect to the internet while away from wifi. Sure, charge my phone play, cool, but when I want the larger screen (very rarely) it would be nice.

    • It’s called tethering. Jailbreak your phone and its free, or pay some ungodly monthly fee to your phone provider. But the fact remains that its been here for years.

  • WintersAlreadyHere

    I have been an android user for a few years now and I use a mac as my computer, I like the iPhone and the feel of it but whenever I have used it the screen is simply juat too small compared to my nexus 4. As much as I love my nexus 4, if and when apple make the iPhone 6 with a bigger display, I will be buying it. I’m fairly certain that there are many more android users who feel the same way as me, and apple will be making a smart move by making a device with bigger screens.

  • AAPL_@_$101_Is_A_Done_Deal_:)

    Although I’m sure that at least some consumers want larger iPhones my main problem with Apple is that although it is a company wealthy beyond means why did it have to be the only smartphone company on the planet that didn’t offer an alternate larger display on one of the most popular devices on the planet. Would it really have hurt Apple that much to offer what ALL of its competitors routinely offered. That tells me the company has lack of aggressiveness towards maintaining dominance over rival companies. Tim Cook had said the larger display technology wasn’t ready or didn’t live up to Apple’s expectations. Apple’s expectations must certainly be far higher than consumers’ expectations. It’s also possible Apple was sticking to a product roadmap and had already spent a lot of money lining up components for said roadmap.

    I’m not saying Apple did anything wrong by following an internal plan but on the outside it simply appears as though Apple wasn’t trying to stay competitive with the rest of the smartphone industry and that’s how all of Wall Street saw it. What sensible investors would want to put money in a company that allows ALL of its rivals to take the lead when the solution SEEMED so simple. Anyway, what’s done is done and Apple shareholders got burned by a company happy to take its time doing anything it feels like doing.

    • Jeppe Prebensen

      “That tells me the company has lack of aggressiveness towards maintaining dominance over rival companies.”

      Because that’s not what they’re trying to do. Other companies may try to ‘dominate’ a market by flinging fistfuls of products out at a loss, trying to squeeze out the competition until they’re the only ones left standing.

      Apple ‘dominance’ – although the iPod was probably the only product that ever truly did so – usually seems to occur because the market suddenly realises that their stuff is really nice and way better than the competition’s.

      Until, inevitably, the cheap, half-baked knock-offs arrive and the other leading players finally figure out how to match that same user experience.

  • sigzero

    I would get that phone. It looks really nice.

  • Sarcastic Curmudgeon

    I for one don’t want a larger iPhone. I theorize that a larger iPhone will go over like the 5C. Yeah, that one really worked out.

  • simpleas

    You guys will love the bigger screen. As an android user, i approve of this article.

  • A bigger screen is no longer a big deal. It BETTER be bigger but can still fit in my pocket.

  • josephsinger

    Please proofread your submission. Thing is not think.