Never Lose A Lens Cap Again With This $10 Widget


The worst thing about losing a lens cap is having to buy another one. You can go with a generic but ugly replacement and save a few bucks, or you can buy the manufacturers official version, which will make you hate yourself.

Now there’s a third option – don’t lose the cap in the first place. Instead, spend $10 now on Photojojo’s Hufa Lens Cap Strap Holder, and never buy a cap again.

Unless you’re a hipster – you can still buy as many sweet ironic trucker caps as you like.

The Hufa is dead simple. It’s a lightweight plastic buckle that clips onto your camera strap and provides a spot to stow your lens cap. Never again will you forget which pocket you put it in – it’s right there up in the strap. The clip that clamps the cap is designed to make the cap easy to slip in, and it stops it from coming back off thanks to the ridges around the edge of the cap itself that stop it from sliding out.

So there you have it. $10 now, or a succession of $25 purchases every few weeks, forever. Which will it be?

Source: Photojojo