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Forget PowerPoint: Deckset Is A Markdown-Powered Presentation Powerhouse


Ever been on a plane and seen some suit squished into his chair, browning his ThinkPad’s screen with his office breath and lining up some pictures and text on a PowerPoint slide? “Jeez,” you think. “Not only is this dork-o inflicting yet more PowerPain on the world, but he thinks it’s important enough to do on a plane.”

Next time you see one of these sad specimens, you might point them in the direction of Deckset, a slideshow maker that works using Markdown.

You should also point them to the Apple Store, so they can buy a Mac to run it on. But watch out – they bite. And remember, messing with PowerPoint is probably the funnest part of this poor sap’s job, so go easy on him.

Deckset works like this. You type your slides in Markdown, using all the familiar shortcuts to add headlines, bod and italics, code blocks and so on. Then you pick a theme.

That’s it. Really. Deckset app takes care of everything else. It renders your Markdown, it auto-sizes your test to fit the slides, it displays images and videos and it even has filters for photos, and PDF export so lucky attendees can take a copy home with them. And best of all you can keep using your current text editor to write.

If your job is actually “using PowerPoint” then this isn’t for you. But if you have to make presentations as a part of your job, you can use Deckset instead, and when you’re on the plane you can fire up your iPad, watch a movie and drink one of those tiny bottles of wine that only exist on planes, or in some forward-thinking stores near picnic-friendly tourist sites.

How much? $20, aka “a steal.”

Source: DeckSetApp
Via: Brett Terpstra