You Can Now Make Voice Calls For Free With Facebook Messenger In Any Country


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Today Facebook Messenger was updated with the ability to make free voice calls over WiFi both domestically and internationally. Making calls over a cellular connection uses data. The features works similar to FaceTime Audio, which is natively baked into all iOS devices and Macs.

Facebook Messenger technically added VOIP (voice over IP) calling in January 2013, but the feature has been limited to the US, UK, and Canada until now. Facebook users with the Messenger iOS app installed can be called with a new phone icon at the top right of a conversation thread. The calling interface looks almost identical to Apple’s stock Phone app in iOS 7.1.

Messenger was recently updated with group messaging and forwarding. After WhatsApp was bought by Facebook earlier this year, it was revealed that VOIP calling is coming to that app as well in the coming months.

Source: App Store

  • seanlien

    Buster Heine?

    • sanfordandsons

      This imbecile didn’t even proof-read his own post. What a dope.

  • Chris

    Weird. I’ve been doing international calls through the FB messenger app since February both on wifi and cellular, and I live in south america.

  • Liquid Wolverine

    So I don’t get what the big deal is…in order for the calls to work, the other person needs to download the messenger iOS app…meaning that person has an iPhone/iPad. If that’s the case, why not make a FaceTime audio or video call to them? It also uses internet data to make the call. Am I missing something?

    I guess the only difference is, you wouldn’t need the other persons phone #/Apple ID to make the call…

    • Chris

      It’s cross-platform. You can do it from iOS to Android and vice versa, and also from mobile to computer. And it can be done over wifi as well so that it’s free. But I guess if you have unlimited data, you have no problem.

  • Liquid Wolverine

    Does this work from iPhone to PC browser?

  • Seems to be a nice step by facebook. Well, you can check another free calling trick here:

  • lucascott

    I wonder if this is the real threat to cell companies. Lets take everything to being mere data and ditch the minutes, texting etc of the current system.

    Heck Apple wouldn’t need to make a phablet if such systems were in place. The iPad Mini would be a VoIP phablet (already is really)