Foolish Render: ‘Mac Air’ Is Flat As A Pancake


We want to believe.
We want to believe.

Sure, we’ll be seeing a host of fun things tomorrow on the internets, many of them having to do with new crazy Apple products.

Today, however, we found this slick little number from site AppleUser: the Mac Air Desktop, a slimmed-down version of the Mac Mini.

What’s great about this sweet little photoshop job is that it meets the requirement of any good April Fools’ prank–it’s totally something we’d want to buy.

Looks just like the Mac Mini page on in Taiwan.
Looks just like the Mac Mini page on in Taiwan.

The pranksters have gone as far as to render up a fairly convincing Apple store web page, too, taken from the actual Apple Mac Mini page and doctored up with what our specialists at Cult of Mac HQ are calling “the pancake Mac.”

Who wouldn’t want an ultra-thin on their desktop, right? Of course, the footprint of this thing isn’t any different than the Mini it proposes to replace, so is there much point to such a device? Probably not in Apple’s viewpoint.

But hey, it’s fun to dream.

Source: AppleUser

  • monstermasten

    Why would you want this? It is the most stupid way you could possible design it. WIth a flat design like that, the device takes up more area of whatever surface you have it on, and I assume you can’t have stuff on it (Like a lamp)

    If you could put it sideways, THAT would be nice. Like a wall

    • RoboBonobo

      Calm down, it’s a joke.

    • Rob LeFebvre

      Yeah, that’s exactly my point in the last sentence. It still taps into my “thinner is better” lust, though. ;)

    • Achal Garg

      and hence, a prank!

  • crummett

    Bolt it to the back of a monitor for a DIY iMac!

  • eggimage

    It’s the Apple Taiwan site, not the Chinese one. And the reference to this practical joke is from the fact that many people keep getting the product name wrong, instead of saying MacBook Air, they often call it Mac Air.

    • Rob LeFebvre

      thanks for the catch!

  • RoboBonobo

    I’m hungry. I could go for a Mac Air-oni-and-cheese right now.

    • Anthony Snyder

      omg haha

  • Eric Schatz

    talk about a blade server

  • Moshe Feder

    This joke aside, do you have any clue, Rob, when Apple will finally refresh the Mac Mini?

    • PMB01


      • Moshe Feder

        Well, THAT didn’t happen!

      • PMB01

        Which was really surprising. It’ll definitely happen in October when Yosemite is released though.

      • Moshe Feder

        Gosh. I didn’t expect any response let alone an instant one four months after the OP!

        I hope you’re right about a Fall refresh.

  • daaab

    The TW in the URL (of the picture) is stand for Taiwan, not China. Thanks!

    • Rob LeFebvre

      oops! Thanks for catching that.