Booqpad For iPad Air: Paper And Pixels Together At Last


Paper? In the age of the iPad? Unthinkable! Ink from a pen? Inconceivable! And yet that’s what the new Booqpad for iPad Air promises us, a case that both protects the iPad and gives you a pad and paper to write on. Not only that, but it does it all with magnets.

The Booqpad comes in two parts. A rear shell case attaches to your iPad Air, and this in turn attaches to the folio case using magnets.

This clever arrangement not only gives you two case options, but it also allows some crazy permutations for using the case as a stand. Take a look.

Did you follow that? Don’t worry – I had to watch it twice too.

The best part is the inclusion of a paper notepad. I know you can use an app like Penultimate to write on the iPad with a finger or stylus, but paper and pen is still way better for many things. And best of all, the paper is right there next to the iPad so you can snap a photo and save the sheet to Evernote.

I like the look of this, and there should be one on the way for review. The Booqpad is available now for $60.

Source: Booq
Thanks: Carla!