Tiny BOLT Is A Charger And Backup Battery In One


The little BOLT Charger Battery is as clever as it is good looking. The USB wall-charger packs a backup battery into its tiny body, as body that leads its maker to call it the “The World’s Smallest Wall Charger + Battery Backup.”

I’m not sure how true that it, but who cares? It fits in your pocket and it’ll juice your iPhone twice, even without a wall to shove it into.

Two fold-out prongs and a 1-Amp USB hole let power in and out of the 3000mAh battery inside (the iPhone’s battery is around 1,400mAh). The battery charges as your iPhone charges, the BOLT is used as a wall-charger. And when you’re away from the wall it will keep the iPhone going three times as long as it would if left to rely on its own weak battery.

The idea is super smart, but only really works if the charger isn’t much bigger than a regular USB charger. I have backup batteries, but only take them with me when I’m expecting to be out for a long day. And even then I have to remember to charge them. With the BOLT, I could never forget to charge it.

How much? $60. Not cheap, but I guess it does replace two devices.

Source: Reign23
Thanks: Sarah

  • Lyfe

    I bought one personally myself. It only lasted for three months. Don’t waste your money.


      Hi Lyfe,

      Sounds like you have a defective unit so we’ll be happy to set you up with a replacement. Send us an email at info@fluxmob.com and we’ll take care of you right away.

  • George Sookiayak

    I don’t think it will charge it 100% twice, as a lot of the charge is lost in heat loss and in the circuitry. A 2600 mAh battery will charge an iPhone 5 about 1.25 times, my guess is that this charger/battery would charge it about 1.5 times.