Samsung Takes Aim At More Than iPad In New Ad [Video]


Samsung is back at it with a new ad that makes fun of the iPad. But this time the Korean company decided to go after all of its competition in one fell swoop; the Microsoft Surface and Amazon Kindle are also called out.

The whole ad consists of the same recycled arguments (you can’t do two things at once on an iPad, etc.), and there’s the usual flair of weirdness Samsung seems to be so fond of in its TV spots. My favorite exchange:

“So, your Samsung looks better than my iPad because it has got more pixels.”


“But mine has got the Retina thingy.”

  • WisdomSeed

    My distaste for Samsung’s advertising has become disgust.I have never liked the idea of naming competitors in your ads. It isn’t like the Mac vs PC ads in the 90s, since there was no brand named PC. Even when National Car Rentals accepted they were Number 2. they never mentioned Hertz.

    I will admit there are a few times, when the idea of true multitasking on an iPad seems like it would be a good idea, but the fact of the matter is that having two things on that small of a screen would be more bothersome than it is worth. Even now, if I want to write and email and watch a movie, I can’t see doing it on the same device, and I say that with a 27″ iMac in front of me and 40″ TV screen to the right of me. I realize that the truth about multitasking is that we don’t really multi, we really serialize tasks.

    I am cool with that, so them having two things on that tiny screen at the same time, isn’t that big of a deal. I am glad that Samsung does the things that it does, I just wish they would leave the name Apple out of their mouths and their commercials.

    • $19820491

      Most users don’t know what true multitasking is, let alone why they would want it. What they really want is the ability to QUICKLY be able to switch back and forth between apps to copy/paste, check a tweet, etc. Apple could improve a bit there if it would put a little more RAM into the machine and at least ensure that the current and previously used apps stay loaded.

      In the commercial, if I was videoconferencing with the boss, I don’t need her face taking up half my screen while I only use the other half for finding the file. But I would like the connection maintained while I switch to another app to send it.

      • WisdomSeed

        Its kind of funny, I used to work in desktop support. I would have twelve or thirteen open applications on my workstation at a time, without much of an issue. But a surprising amount of users will only have one or two applications open at any given time on their workstation. Apple’s iOS multitasking could use come refinement, although the ability to send/share out of so many apps saves a lot of that effort.

        They could definitely use something to close all open apps at once. Now that I am my family’s Apple support, I have to occasionally remind folk to close all and shut down to clear RAM and improve performance.

      • $19820491

        I hope you give that advice on OS X and not iOS devices. iOS does that for you as it needs RAM. Doing it manually just wastes your time and if you want to switch back to a recently used app that may still be in memory, it’ll take even longer to load.

        Also, if you do give that advice on iOS (which you don’t need to), remember that the apps that are listed in the task switcher are not necessarily still loaded into RAM – it’s just a list of recently used apps.

        In fact, Mavericks got some of those features too. At the end of the day it results in a faster machine if you just let it do its thing.

    • perpetuallearner

      I personally couldn’t care less about ‘true multitasking’, and I get the same feedback from anyone I talk to about it; it just looks impressive, nothing more (and I definitely would not consider it a selling point for a tablet). Firstly, it would only apply to iPads (I would hate to see my iPhone screen divided in two because I’m too lazy to switch between apps), and most Apple users really like the fact that all their iOS devices have the exact same capabilities. Secondly, I am sure a developer somewhere has thought of a way to give ‘true multitasking’ to an iPad, or something close to it, for those that do want it (by the way, if anyone knows if such an app already exists, please let us all know).

  • $19820491

    This is classic deceptive marketing. Make the audience think your product is better than all of the others, by comparing to each competitor’s weakest features.

  • AnueDew

    Honestly the lady in this commercial sounded like such a bitch to begin with..”Can you move your laptop!”

    I wouldve been like i dont care what you think it is its staying on there bitch