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Dorky Ruck Pack Is Like A Giant Kids Back Pack For Astronauts


I’ll admit it. I was about to pass on writing up the OGIO Ruck Pack because it looks like a dorky kids bag. And then I noticed it also looks like the pack on the back of a space suit. And then I saw the pocket on the side, stuffed with my favorite water bottle, the Klean Kanteen, and I was sold. So here it is: The dork-tastic, space-friendly water-carrying Ruck Pack.

The Ruck Pack is a big box for your back, with zip-up pockets no the back and a clip-closure flap on the top. I like that the square design lets you fill the main bag without stressing the iPad you can keep in the bigger rear pocket, and I also like that this iPad pocket is protected by both its own zipper and the main flap, making it a little harder for pickpockets to lift your iPad out on a crowded subway, say.

There’s also a pocket on the strap side so you can keep a computer (up to 17 inches) next to your back.

The main section is also amenable to having a water bladder stuffed inside, so you can supposedly take it hiking too, but the lack of a hip strap might make that a little tiring (the pack does have a chest strap though).

The price is reasonable too, at just $70. Available now, for foils who want to look like a big kid on his way to school.

Source: OGIO
Thanks: Kristen!