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Orient App — Never Shoot Skewed Photos Again


Remember Horizon, the video app that won’t let you shoot portrait video, keeping the horizon horizontal however you orient your camera? Well, Orient is just like that, only for stills, and it looks pretty neat – as long as you don’t mind a drop in resolution.

The app is very slick. You pick an aspect ratio, choose a filter and start snapping. Orient uses the iPhone’s accelerometers and gyroscopes to make sure that the image is always level, even when you’re not.

The only problem is that. In order to do this, the photo has to be chopped out of the middle of the sensor, which means a drop in resolution as the app is essentially cropping a level image out of the skewed frame. This is fine for video, when the 8MP sensor offers many more pixels than you need even for ho-def video, but in stills the effect is to immediately lose information.

If you’re cool with that – maybe you keep losing pictures because you just can’t keep the damn camera straight– then the app is just $1.

Source: iTunes

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