Apple Makes A Big Push Into Online Ads For The iPhone 5c


Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 9.53.43 PM

The iPhone 5c is a total flop, and Apple may very well kill it off entirely when the iPhone 6 comes around. But Cupertino’s not going down without a fight, which is why the company is making a major advertising push for the iPhone 5c on Yahoo and the New York Times webpage.

The advertisements are fully interactive, and allow you to click on various iPhone 5c color combinations to “find your colors” of Apple’s lower cost handset. The ads use the iPhone 5c case’s ability to customize the colors of your handset to put forward the idea that the iPhone 5c is the fun party iPhone. Songs and sounds play over the animated loops, from the Tetris themesong, to the sound of dodge balls being thrown.

In all, there appears to be 17 short videos that play when you click on various combinations. It’s a big push for Apple, which usually doesn’t pay for online ads, but the iPhone 5c seems to be a product that is flagging in a way that Apple usually doesn’t expect. If we want to see a plastic iPhone 5cs, let’s hope this push works.