Twelve South Debuts Rutledge BookBook Case for MacBook



Twelve South is at it again with the new Rutledge BookBook, a hand-finished leather creation that marks the company’s first MacBook case in three years. The Rutledge is designed for both MacBook Air display sizes, the 13-inch MacBook Pro, and both Retina MacBook Pro display sizes. 


Two hardback book covers and a rigid spine protect the laptop inside. The main selling point for the Rutledge is the new leather finish that has been developed to create a different look for each case.

“We wanted to create a case that had the extraordinary colors of a sunburst guitar, or the deep sepia tones of a vintage film strip. What we came up with is this amazing new finish that is modern, yet retro at the same time,” said Andrew Green, Creative Director of Twelve South. “If you’re looking for something very special and unique to protect your beautiful MacBook, you won’t find anything else quite like this.”

You can order on the TwelveSouth website now for $99.99.

Source: TwelveSouth

  • RSM

    The problem with the BookBook is that in spite of the materials in the shell, they use very cheap zippers. I’ve had 2 and on both, the tab holder breaks off from the slider body making that zipper useless. On the first, the tab holder broke from only one zipper while the BookBook was still under warranty, so I had it replaced. On the second, both broke within a few days of each other just after a year. Some online reviewers note the same problem, and Twelve South will not replace anything that is even slightly out of warranty.

    Unless they have addressed this issue, and from the photo it looks like the same old zipper, buyers should be cautious.